Monday, September 03, 2007

Food glorious foooood!

Ah yes, I have been remiss in posting, as lately I have spent much of my personal time in close contact with boxes, packing tape and xylene markers... breathe deeply! Ah, how many brain cells did I lose to xylene-sodden markers before the computer became the tool of choice for graphic designers' mock-ups?

Anyhoo, I am taking a break from the hell that is packing in order to update you all on my adventures in food.

My dear hubster often makes us a "greasy fry-up" breakfast on the weekends (not for vegans, alas.) He enjoys making art out of my meal. Yesterday I sat down to this:

Voila: bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, multi-grain toast, and fried tomatoes, fried orange peppers, and sauteed mushrooms. My arteries have yet to recover. Being a good child of Brits, I always have HP Sauce with my breakfast sausage, despite the fact that it is no longer manufactured in England, but (GASP!!) in The Netherlands. And I have normal HP Sauce, not that FRUITY crapola that offensively dares to part from grand HP tradition.

Before I go too far off on that tangent, back to the meal at hand. As you can see, my darling hubby takes considerably LESS care with the arrangement of his own meal:

He is NOT the fan of fried tomates that I am, although here he did dare to allow one small red slice to pollute his plate. And he has his eggs fried with runny yolks.... EEEEEEYUWWWWW! Eeeyuw! EEEEYUW! EEEEYYYUUUUWWW! I cannot bare runny egg yolks! As a child, my mother gave me toast "soldiers" (toast cut into strips) and soft-boiled eggs, and I was honestly happy to dip soldiers into the disgustingly runny yolk and chow down. Now I just can't abide any egg that hasn't been cooked into oblivion. So my darling man scrambles my free-range eggs. The chickens who produced these eggs have their life story on the carton, and I believe they are sung to and massaged by the farmer who raises them. Perhaps they get the odd pedicure as well!

Now for something completely... non-breakfasty:

Pizza from two weeks ago, weirdly cropped with the lasso tool in Photoshop (because I was bored.) Shitake and poricini mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic, olive oil and I'm afraid I forget what else!

And from this past Friday, we have goat cheese mozzarella (good but strangely white for mozzarella), regular mozzarella, feta, red onion, yellow cherry tomatoes, zucchini and pine nuts, with tomato sauce:

Yes, and of all of this merely makes me hungry.

We bought a new fridge and stove for the new place last weekend, and my stove has a bread-proofing feature that I am quite looking foward to, as I make pizza dough and bread pretty much every week. Yesterday we bought a king-size mattress set. My days of sleeping on a 14-year-old queen (please don't misinterpret that!) are soon to be OVER.

We move to the farm in eleven days, and two weeks after that, I am dumping my sweetie with a houseful of boxes and going to Scotland and England with my friend Phyllis. And when I get back I am GETTING A DOG. And NEVER MOVING AGAIN!!! Why? Because, my friends, MOVING SUCKS!!!!


  1. Mmmm. As a semi-vegetarian, I guess I'd have to skip Gordon's masterpieces, but you can come to California and make pizza anytime.
    I don't envy the move, but do envy your upcoming trip. You and Phyllis can eat a Curly Wurly for me while you're there.

  2. No lobster pizza???
    How, un-Canandian!

  3. Anonymous11:01 am

    I LOVE runny yoke fried eggs!!!! Your breakfast looked like a true english breakfast! They are pretty greasy, aren't they?

    I'm sorry but the pic enhanced with the lasso tool made me think of dead rats for some reason :P

    I can't believe it's so close to your moving time!!!! WOW!!!



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