Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Two peas in a pod

You may need insulin to recover from the sweetness of this:

These are my friend Wendy's ADORABLE cats back in BC. They are siblings. They are today's "Knatolee's Blog Stars"!

Speaking of cute couples (har har, nice segue) today is our 14th wedding anniversary. I would like to know how the hell that happened (not "How the hell did we manage to stay together?" but "How the hell have 14 years passed by so quickly?") Where did these wrinkles come from? Where did that grey hair in Gordon's beard come from? (Yeah yeah, it was caused by me, I know, I know!) I think that because we don't have kids who are growing into teenagers before our eyes, we can pretend that we're not of the soon-to-be-very-middle-aged generation. But we are. :) Okay, the female one of us already is middle-aged. Beardo there is four years my junior so I think really he's just on the cusp of it.

So much has happened in the past fourteen years. Since I met Gordon, I have moved house nine times, and we are about to make it ten. I've lived in four provinces. I've travelled to numerous countries. I've had countless cups of tea delivered to me bedside in the morning. I have a good life and I'm glad The Bearded One is around to share it with me. Especially when it comes time to shovel sheep manure from the barn in the morning (sometime in 2008, if I play my cards right. Baaaaa!)

Enough sap and saccharin for today! But man, those cats at the top are too cute for words.


  1. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Happy anniversary!! I hope that you and Gordon have many more years of happiness together. And the two cats are just precious. I just adopted a sweet Himalayan that I plan to name Lola once she comes to live with me! I'd put up some pictures but my camera is broken. Soon though!


  2. I didn't know the Bearded One was a Younger Man! Cradle Robber!

  3. It's shocking, but he is a whole four years younger. Fortunately, he LOOKS older. HAHAHAHA


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