Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Honeybee appreciation day

Honeybees need our love and protection!

Close-up of bees in the hive at the Montreal Insectarium. The queen is in the centre, with a white spot painted on her back. Not my finest photography, but you get the idea.

The message below is making the rounds of the Internet. I am all for honeybee appreciation. They are marvellous creatures, hard-working, not aggressive, and SO important for pollination. Spare a thought for the honeybees today! You can include other pollinators in that, such as the lovely bumblebee. Please try to avoid mindlessly killing bees. If one is bothering you, the best thing to do is slowly walk away. Swatting at a bee will only serve to anger it, and if you squash a honeybee, it emits a scent that essentially tells other bees to attack the intruder (in this case, YOU.) Honeybees are just out trying to do their jobs, collecting pollen and nectar for the hive.

Bumblebees at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal.

This is an invitation to gather in Appreciation for the Honeybees.

All over the world they are disappearing. Hives are empty. No one seems to know why the bees are disappearing. What we do know is that 60% - 70% of all honeybee colonies are vacant.

We realize that without honeybees the crops of fruits, nuts, corn etc. do not become sufficiently pollinated to allow them to bear fruit.

It is now time to hold the honeybees in appreciation

May 2, 2007 Shaman Jade Grigori says, "In whatever manner you are personally able, move your awareness into appreciation of the work of honeybees. Draw into this state the image of honeybees. Now bring in an association of how they sound, their buzzing about, their beauty and grace, the wonders of honey as a food and as a wonderful sweetener of life! Hold your awareness of honeybees in this state of appreciation. Do so for as long as is 'right' for you.

If you feel called to do so, please gather in groups in your area and participate. Please send this to others. Together we can show our gratitude and together we are magnanimously powerful.

A bumblebee on bee balm (bergamot) in my backyard in Nova Scotia. Note the yellow pollen "basket" on its hind leg.

A bumblebee seeks shelter from a rainshower in Manning Park, BC.

A damp bumblebee drying out after the rainshower.

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