Monday, February 19, 2007

Toast, anyone?

I believe I now own the world's cutest toaster:

My friend Audrey gave it to me for my birthday last month. We have been friends since we were 12. She said the toaster was "me", and she's right. :) Funny, people also think cat butt magnets and cat butt air fresheners are me! Not to mention "Crazy Cat Lady" figurines. Hmm.

Meanwhile, I continue to slog away at illustrations for a children's book about a rattlesnake in the Sonoran Desert. My deadline is in May, so I'll be fine (I hope). Here is the reason I never leave my drawings out of their portfolio when I'm not working on them:

Julius, aka Mr. Fluffy, loves to sit on my drawing pads. In this case he is enjoyed the cushy feel of quality drawing paper under his butt. Fortunately that page just has on it little sketches of snake heads, and coloured pencil experiments.

But then, the final indignity. "I'm so comfy, I'll wash my privates!":


He also loves to chew my pencils when I'm not looking!

If you're wondering what the deal is with my drawing table, it's my kitchen table. My work table is in storage while we search for a hobby farm to buy. Our current rental house is so tiny I didn't have room for my table, but the natural lighting in the kitchen is very good. The TV remote is there because I occasionally listen to the TV when I get bored with CBC radio or Radio Canada. My afternoon favourites are "Disasters of the Century" and "MayDay", which covers plane crashes. I'm always rootin' for the poor pilots, but the damn planes alway crash!!

Incidentally, Mr. Fluffy has not an ounce of fat on him, believe it or not. It's all fur. He wanted to go out into his kitty prison, I mean, palace this morning but I wouldn't let him because it's -30C and his tongue would stick to the metal bars!

Speaking of fat, or rather, the burning off of it, we cross-country skied 8 km yesterday at a local club. What a beautiful day to ski! I only fell on my butt once this time. I watched Gordon do a face-plant at the bottom of a hill on an intermediate trail, but he was fine.

We restocked every calorie we'd burned skiing off by having leftover (from Saturday's dinner guests) mille feuille strawberry cream cake when we got home. Yummy! Quebec sure does know how to do bakeries.


  1. Obviously, Julius believes you should be illustrating a children's book about cats' butts.

    I have toaster envy!

  2. How cool that you're an illustrator too! I remember those days of Justin c*t sitting on my art table because it was close to the sunshine warmth. I didn't mind it until one day I found claw dig-ins and footprints. I still have that picture and now I relish the prints since Justin is gone.


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