Thursday, December 07, 2006

Melrose was robbed

My secret shame is that I love watching America's Next Top Model (well, that's one of my secret shames!)

All I have to say about last night's finale is that MELROSE WAS ROBBED!



  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    No way. CariDee was awesome. Melrose gave me the creeps, she was so fake and acted like a total control freak nutso psycho. Like when she freaked out that CariDee accidently stepped on the dress and said she wanted to slap her - wtf!???

  2. Ugh! Both of 'em...ugh! I actually wasn't grooving on any of the contestants this time around. I had more fun watching the other "judges" and "coaches" barely disguise their loathing of Tyra! :):)

    Bring on the UK edition...

  3. You guys kill me! :)

    Amy, I hadn't noticed the judges' loathing of Tyra. How blind am I?

    Neither did I know that a UK edition was coming up. The second Canadian one is in the works. Initially I found it boring, because the girls weren't catty enough, but in the end it really picked up! Needs a new host, though. At least Tyra stirs things up!

    I like Twiggy and the fact that she hasn't had a zillion plastic surgery operations (she looks natural!) Nice to see a woman on TV aging naturally.

    I dunno, though, if Melrose was a freak, don't you think CariDee was too? Crazy in different ways!

    Personally I was hoping for a twin-off at the end, just for amusement's sake.

  4. YOu need to read the recaps on I don't know if the other judges really hate Tyra, but the recapper on TVWoP does and it rubs off. Very funny!! Miss Jay is always making "Oh shut UP!" faces at Tyra, though.
    And yes, I thought both Caridee and Melrose were nuts.
    I, too, thought Twiggy was great...

    Now, do you watch Top Chef? Love that,too. And if you thought models were crazy & bitchy...

  5. I really need to be more observant. Can I blame it on the fact that I'm exhausted at night and my brain isn't at full capacity?

    I have not watched Top Chef, but I am going to!!!

  6. Anonymous2:48 am

    I have been wishing we could get the Canadian version here. Canadian Idol tends to be so much *nicer* than American (and frankly I think rather the better for it) and I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around a *nice* -- meaning: *genuinely nice* -- Top Model. Dang, I miss Janice... on Top Model, that is. A little Janice goes a looong way, and I do find her own show just that toooo loooong...!

  7. Yes, they are terribly NICE on Canada's Next Top Model, aren't they? And apparently they are filming the next series of it now.

    ANd Janice... what a freak show. Fascinating to watch!


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