Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thumb-chompin' good

We just got back from visiting my friend Phyllis. What a great time we had! Here is a stunning abstract self-portrait of the two of us. I called it Nasal Passages of Time.

Very flattering. Not.

We visited Phyllis' sister's hobby farm and I communed with the horses and donkey. Everything was going very well. I fed them mints, and I loved them up, and I let them lick my hands (horse tongues are much more delicate than cow tongues!) And NO, that is not my camouflage jacket, just so you know.

Then disaster struck, and my husband clicked the shutter just at the very moment "Sweet Pea" the donkey CHOMPED DOWN ON MY THUMB and tried to walk away with it:

I had been so busy making sure the horses didn't make off with a digit that I didn't pay enough attention to Sweet Pea (aka the Human-Eating Donkey from Hades.) No lasting harm done, and it's a good thing donkeys are so cute.

Cute like us. Here's another self-portrait:

And here are the horses making nice with me. I LOVE hanging around horses. Well, I love hanging around any animal...

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