Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another day, another walk

For a change, my last walk was in the opposite direction to the previous walk I photographed. Here we have...

... a pic from the bridge near the end of the road I walk along.

Someone is trying to convince the town that big fuzzy slippers are recyclable! My guess is NO. Gordon is certain that the slippers, which have been sticking out of this box for over a week now, have some deep and mysterious reason for being there. I just think someone figured it was worth a shot trying to recycle 'em. Or maybe not! Maybe they were left there by aliens with feet that are no longer cold.

Skipping ahead to the end of my walk, and a hand badly in need of a full-throttle manicure, here we have the fellow who hitched a ride home on my shoulder. Assassin bug? I dunno, I'm really not up on my insects, and my field guide is sitting in a heated warehouse in Gatineau! (Btw, my wedding ring is an Irish claddagh ring but the exciting bit is twisted around the wrong way.)

Ya know, this year I went to a party where they had a palm reader. He sat me down, looked at my hand, and said "You're an artist!" How did he know? Do all artists have beat-up hands with a zillion lines and wrinkles in them, and short nails and chapped knuckles?? Actually, my hand is scaring me a bit in this photo. It looks eerily like my Dad's hand, albeit a girlier version.

My mother had very nice nails that she looked after. I do not!

Self-portrait with bug. The camera is making my nose look bigger than it is. Really. It's also giving me wrinkles. Yup.

There is a deer farm just down the road, and if you look carefully here, you can see some deer to the right of the farm machinery. They are very cute.

Silver birches.

Farmer's fields.

More silver birches.

More fields and rolling hills. We ain't called "Val-des-Monts" for nothing: "valley in the hills", more or less.

Thus ends today's tour of the life of me. My blog is getting very pedestrian. Time to bring back the Spidergurlz or something!


  1. Anonymous12:26 pm

    BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! I really REALLY enjoy reading about your walks and seeing the pictures. Next you need to take some pics from the kayaks.

    ...oh and I'm so sorry to hear about Maska :(

    NK :)

  2. Pnat, I Love the pictures. Your new area is just breath-takingly beautiful. Oh, when you find a camera that doesn't add wrinkles to you, let me know. Mine is starting to do that too. It's a Sony.

    Keeping little Mashka in our prayers. My Justin boy went 2 yrs ago from renal failure.


  3. Umm, Pnat? If you're going to blog about walking, how can you expect it to be anything other than pedestrian?

    ...not that it isn't interesting, but it is, as a matter of course, pedestrian.


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