Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wanna buy a house?

The sucker went on the market today. I am so relieved! We cleaned it and organized it and staged it to the hilt, so I hope it gets snapped up quickly...


"View Randy's Listings"

"Show Me Properties"

Then choose:

then scroll down to us, the new listing on Armstrong.

Buy me! Buy me!!


  1. If your agent's name really is "Randy Dyck," I'd be first in line to buy that house...

    just sayin

  2. 1. Best realtor name ever!! WHAT were his parents thinking?
    2. What have you 2 been doing with that enormous telescope? We know it's not stargazing, because the sky's never cloudfree enough for that.
    3. Wonderful house! So much more character than all the rest of the lookalike crap on the market. Bit of a commute for me, tho.
    4. Love the back yard! I must remember to get some rose campion.
    5. Nice decor, too, although I notice a complete absence of pet fur. If you ever want a career in home decorating, you can start with my house.
    6. Good luck!

  3. Randy Dyck. Randy Dyck. It has a certain ring to it, you have to admit. "Hey, ladies, I had a date last night with one Randy Dyck."

    Did you have a good time? How could you not?

    The house is a show case, Nat. The photos are like a feature in House and Garden. You're coming to do my place next, right?

    Oh, yeah ... bring Randy...

  4. Okay, I would just like to say that although I am by nature neat and organized, my house is not normally THIS neat and organized. There are usually dust bunnies blowin' in the wind four seconds after vacuuming.

    But we have been watching waaay too many of those "sell my House" type shows. Even my messy husband has become a home-staging freak! He made me put away a TELEPHONE because he thought it clashed with the other things on the table. A telephone!

    So I just wanted to say that we don't normally live like this!

    As for the realtor's name, I am biting my tongue until the house is sold. So far we are highly impressed with him and it behooves me to keep myself in his good books.

  5. I dunno, Pnat. I sort of think growing mushrooms in the bathrooom add a touch to home staging that's been previously overlooked.

  6. Glad you guys aren't dycking around trying to sell the manse.

    Seriously, though, it is a most interesting house, and you've done a great job with the photos. So many home I see just have a few.

    We'll keep our digits crossed here, hoping for a quyck sale.


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