Sunday, November 25, 2018

Kitties 'n' stuff

My friend Debs of Deborah Wilson Photography came yesterday to take photos. Here's a teaser! :) Emerson was SO into it!!

Deborah can make anyone look great... it's amazing! And she takes such beautiful photographs. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from yesterday. She took photos of us with the goats, the dogs, the horses, the foster kitties...

Speaking of foster kitties, James is still looking for a home...

He was born here at the farm to foster kitty Valerie on July 11. He's a very sweet little boy with a wonderful purr. Just a happy, well-socialized little soul.

And I took this poor lad in last week...

Ash was freezing on someone's porch for a week before he came here. As it turned out, he had a deep bite wound to his rear leg, plus an upper respiratory infection. He was also in possession of a large pair of nuts, and unfortunately he has tested positive for FIV, but he can live with other non-FIV cats so long as they get along (no biting!)

I took Ash in Thursday for his first check-up. On Friday he was neutered,  and his bite wound was cleaned out and stitched up. Poor guy has to wear a cone for two weeks. He's the sweetest cat! 13 pounds of mellowed-out loooove. I am looking forward to finding him the purrfect home.

I have eye drops for that winky eye!

What a sweetheart!

Meanwhile, I need to get cracking on Molly....

Molly is a sweet, quiet, affectionate brown tabby girl about three years old. She has been spayed and just needs her final booster shots. She's in the granary with my "tabby trifecta" right now (Pip, Fanny, Taya) but Fanny is a bit of a bully towards Molly, so Molly tends to hang out upstairs. She is a perfect little cat! Just such a nice girl. She would probably be fine with other cats if they aren't pushy beeyotches like Fanny! LOL

And little Lucy...

...Lucy is off the market for now while I get her health issues sorted out. She is being treated for toxoplasmosis and we are crossing our fingers that that is all that's wrong with her... she has responded extremely well to the Clindamycin she is on, and has not had a seizure since we began that treatment. It will be another couple of months before we have the full story on Lucy, but for now she has a big room to herself in my house, with a view of the birdfeeder. We try to give her lots of attention; she can't be with other kitties right now. She is the sweetest kitten and if her health checks out,  my friend Beccy will be adopting her.

James, Michael and Jack (rear.) Aren't these three the cutest? James and Michael are brothers born to Valerie and Jack is their adopted brother, who was taken on by Valerie when he was just a little fellow. Jack and Michael both have great homes lined up. Now I just need to find one for James!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are going to "Cats on Your Mats" yoga today in support of the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA.


  1. What lovely photos. I can't wait to see more. You make me wish I could take in another cat. Annie isn't good with others but might adjust, but since my daughter is allergic my one cat home is all she can handle. So just Annie it is!

  2. Those photos are absolutely amazing. Love them! It isn't easy to get good photos of animals (or children for that matter). My cats see the camera and tend to turn their heads... or yawn just as I snap.

  3. As ever, beautiful cats, beautiful photos. May all find homes.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Natalie. I'm so happy for all the homes you have found for these deserving cats. xo

  5. Lovely gaggle of kitties. If I thought Dave would let me get away with it, I'd be coming for Ash... I think he and Relic would be great buddies. If you have any potential adopters worried about his FIV, feel free to have them contact me. My heart sank when the vet said RElic was FIV positive, but as you know, I've since discovered it's not the burden it's made out to be!

  6. Purrs for little Lucy and for Ash from the kitties. I hope Lucy's health issues are sorted out, and that Ash heals quickly. They're both gorgeous cats - I adore Ash's coloring!

  7. What great photos ... almost makes me want a cat! (I had a cat once, for 18 years, but we are dog people through and through.)

  8. Ok. ALL subjects at Bee Meadow Farm are beautiful to begin with, but these phots go beyond beautiful!

  9. The photo of you & Gordon + Emerson -[posingg on your left shoulder, haha!]- in the snow on a bright, sunny day ............ is just breathtaking, Natalie! You ~t.h.r.e.e.~ could honestly do a (model) shoot for, say, Patagonia!
    Ash seems so "sage -like"/ solid/ grounded ----[I just love him!]---- and I hope that both he & little Lucy Get Well Soon!

    1. Today, [November 27, 2018}, I told my husband Jack that, in my opinion, Ash actually kind of looks like your handsome husband Gordon --[i.e., in the face, particularly with Gordon's fuller Fall/Winter beard!]-- and Jack said about Ash's face, "I think he looks like a C.G. (computer-generated) representation of a cat!"

      Jack and I --[and our little 10.8 lb/3-legged orange rescue cat Sonny!]-- all just love your big lap cat Ash!

  10. I love the top photo :-)

  11. What wonderful photos! Good luck with all the sickos! We're medicating Daisy who is bullying her brother. sigh. (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario !

  12. those photos are just wonderful!

  13. I like the photo by Deb, too, you all look great-- Emerson is a stunner!
    Oh, if only the universe would allow me to adopt a kitty... I know I'd go overboard and adopt 5, but still. Little Molly would be the one for me, how pretty she is!

  14. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. We just love all of them. Ash looks so sweet, and that group shot at the bottom is just too adorable. We hope they all find their furever homes and have a great weekend.
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