Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Still covered in kittens

Yes, I'm still here... I got pretty bummed out after my last post, what with losing so many foster kittens in such a short period of time. And right after that, a few militant vegans decided they would come to my farm Facebook page and start attacking me for not being vegan. One young woman called me a "killer and torturer of innocent beings", "a hypocrite" and "fake animal lover" because I dare to keep rescue animals while not being vegan. She was so awful, I had to have Gordon send her a lawyer letter telling her to cease and desist or we would call the police; this after she libelled me and posted a threat against me on a public forum.

 I did not invite any of these people to my Facebook page; a herd of them just decided to come to attack me after one of their group members messaged me to tell me how confused and disappointed she was that I wasn't vegan, after which I went onto my FB page to say that I don't feel I owe anyone an explanation but I am very transparent about not being vegan, and I explained my thoughts on the subject. I did not in any way criticize vegans; I in fact expressly asked people not to leave negative comments towards vegans in response. I was just trying to make sure no one was under any illusions that I run a vegan farm sanctuary, which I do not. 

And I am ready to throw my vegan cookbooks onto the bonfire.

I know most vegans are NOT militant and are not cruel; I have friends who are vegans, I eat a lot of vegan/vegetarian food and meals myself, and if you're looking for a meat eater to pick on, I'm not your best target  (although granted, I'm an easy target, until you realize I am married to a lawyer!) as I mainly eat vegetarian meals, with some fish and the very occasional piece of locally-farmed organic chicken. But even if I ate steak three times a day, I don't see how that is anyone's business, and I find it disgusting that total strangers would come to my farm Facebook page where I share photos of the animals I've rescue and am fostering and spending all my money on, and call me a "killer and torturer of innocent beings." After the sadness of losing so many kittens last month, it just made me incredibly angry and bitter to be attacked in this way. In fact, a month later I am still angry and bitter, and am spending extra time meditating in an effort to let go of that. However, the whole episode did remind of me of why I generally prefer the company of animals to that of humans. But I am not a hermit, and there are some really amazing people in my life, and I need to focus on that, and not the horrible people.

But on a happier note, foster kitty Agnes went to her new home recently. Yes, that's right, this poor young cat who lost her six babies and suffered immeasurably is now living in a wonderful home where she is loved and pampered.

I could not be happier for her. The woman who adopted her lost a son some time ago, and told me that she felt she understood Agnes and how she was feeling. This lady and her family are incredibly kind, and I know Agnes has landed in clover and will now have a wonderful life.

Meanwhile, Jewel and her seven kitten are doing great! Jewel arrived at around the same time as Agnes with five kittens. She lost two of those, took on four preemie orphans, lost those four, then at the end of April, took on another four orphans whose mother had been dragged off and killed by a coyote.  A passerby witness this and saved the kittens. Jewel took them on immediately. She is a fantastic mother! And now I've got seven beautiful, healthy foster kittens. Jewel's three were born April 13, and the orphans were born around April 29.

Everybody is on solid food now! This is Jewel with her dilute Calico daughter.

These are Jewel's four adopted babies:

Boy and Girl

Boy and girl

Aren't the adorable? Everyone is going in for their first set of vaccines last week, and I feel like I will be able to breathe a bit more easily after that.

Behold the cuteness;

It is so amazing to see these little ones doing so well! And a great relief. What happened in April completely drained and exhausted me; these little kitties are making me feel a whole lot better.

And remember Grayson, aka Fake Grace? Well...

My friend Deb of Just Cats ADOPTED HIM! He is now named Wilson, and he has settled in so well to his wonderful new home. I could not be happier for him, and as you can see, Wilson is pretty happy too. He has the best smile of any cat I have ever known.

So many things are going well, and with time I will let go of my anger and hurt towards the person who attacked me, but I would say that if you claim to live a "cruelty-free" life solely because you are vegan, but then go on to call me a "torturer and killer of innocent beings" a "hypocrite" and a "fake animal lover" (me, the one who spends all her time, energy and money caring for animals no one else wants!), and you smear me on the internet and make threats, and waste my precious time, time I need to be spending caring for animals... well... how cruelty-free is that?

Here's to all the good people who DO support me in my work with animals, without caring about what I eat.


  1. I feel sad because of what you went through with this woman.

    I had a discussion with one of my colleagues yesterday, about vegans, and we agreed that eating meat does not mean that we do not love animals! And... what do we feed our animals??? Meat! Who's hypocrite???

    I hope you will forget soon baout this mean incident.

    I am so happy that Agnes and Grayson were adopted, and by marvellous people. I hope the kitties will know the similar fate, they are just too cute!


  2. Again so sorry for what went on. There is no one I admire more than you... and Gordon and all your kind, caring, generous friends. And I wish I could take in every one of your fosters. It’s a good thing for us we live across the ocean!

  3. So sorry you had to go through that. You do great work!!!

  4. I'm thrilled for all your recent adoptions and to read that all are doing well now. The kitten cuteness is off the chart!

    As for this person (or these people) who attacked you...This boggles my mind. Does this woman in particular not have a job, a life to manage? Why would she care what you eat? How does she even have the time to be a social media troll? I can't wrap my head around it. I'm very sorry it went so far as to need the intervention of a lawyer (in this case, your husband). And I'm very sorry you have been so impacted, emotionally and spiritually. Wishing you healing and peace.

  5. Just reading this and feeling how angry and hurt you are makes me furious. I don't get how others think it's OK to attack those on the internet. They don't know you and even if they did it's your business if you are vegan or not. I admire you so much as do many others. Hoping you can let go of the anger and hurt. It was so sad that so many kittens were lost but the one's saved are adorable. I'm so happy for Deb that she has Wilson. Losing Audrey was such a blow. Sending good Karma and lots of hugs your way!!

  6. I'm so sorry for all you've gone through. These are crazed individuals. They are an exception; it does not define the group. I know some vegans and they are all wonderful people who have chosen to live a certain lifestyle for themselves. They would never dream of behaving this way. We all break bread together, all of us with different eating styles (some meat eaters, some vegetarians, some fish eaters, some vegan) and I've never encountered that type of attitude. My daughter is one of these kindhearted vegans and she would be appalled. Please keep caring and doing what you do. The world needs more people like you and less people like them.

  7. Hello, Knatolee
    I was working on a tablet all week and it would not let me post here. Home again, home again. I just want to tell you, haters will be haters. They seem more prevalent on Facebook, sadly. It's so hard to dismiss hearing their message! I apologize to you on behalf of kind people everywhere, and we are the majority! Your work is invaluable and irreplaceable. Onward and are loved.

  8. I have never commented on a blog before but feel compelled to let you know how grateful I am for your commitment to animals. I know it is never ending and how discouraged you must feel sometimes. I love your posts and look forward to them. I have been feeding strays around my house in San Mateo, Ca. near San Francisco. I am at the point of needing to start trapping and getting them spayed and neutered. The one cat who has been coming regularly let me get close enough to read a chip which he has. I think he must have been dumped. I will be getting help from Project Bay Cat and the Homeless Cat network. I am so lucky that my vet of 30 years works with them. You inspire me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I will always follow you!
    Cheers, Mary

  9. Oh, those sweet faces (Agnes and Grayson/Wilson included)! I'm so happy for both Agnes and Wilson, and know those wee ones will be finding their furever homes soon.

    As for the snot on FB who went off on you - she and her cohorts are total idiots. The work you do with the animals in your care is absolutely phenomenal. What you put on your dinner plate is none of their business. You have the support of so many people and I hope when you look into the faces of the animals (including those sweet little faces) that you are appreciated every day.

    Good luck with your event tomorrow!

  10. Vegans don't talk about it much but the combine harvesters that gather all their plant foods kill thousands upon hundreds of thousands of field mice, voles, nesting birds, etc, etc... and in greater quantities than are killed for those who eat meat. Living without killing is not really possible, sadly.

  11. Oh, Natalie---- I almost feel as if I've been gut-punched, just reading how you were treated online by that radical vegan group. I've seen my share of the underbelly of life --[i.e., a 35-year R.N. career in #3 U.S. states which included many, many assaulted, knifed, shot, and/or bloodied patients]-- so I feel somewhat qualified to say that if we only had *m.o.r.e.* folks who are like you ............ [and your strong, protector/defender/husband Gordon who r.o.c.k.e.d., i.e., by sending that young woman a necessary lawyer letter to cease and desist, detailing the consequences if she didn't] ............ our weary world would certainly be a much better place!

    I, too, am primarily a vegetarian and --[although beef and pork now are really not a part of my intake anymore]-- I do eat fish/chicken occasionally. I'm originally from West Texas, and you honestly haven't lived until you've been to a barbecue there, and you eat [all of the extraordinarily-*y.u.m.m.y.*!] baked beans, German potato salad, coleslaw, bread-and-butter pickles, homemade dinner rolls, pecan pie, Texas Sheet Cake, and iced tea ............ but not any of the beef brisket or the steaks/hamburgers/chicken from the grill, (haha)! To be honest, I've been eating "that way" at Family barbecues for so-darn-long now, that there aren't really any raised eyebrows anymore, (haha!); plus --[for some, not all, of my nieces and nephews + other young adults who are in the Millennial Generation]-- I'm seeing fewer-and-fewer of those traditionally meat -heavy picnic paper plates of past times, you know.

    I now --[maybe ironically!]-- also generally prefer the company of animals to that of humans, too. 'Totally loving all your Kittens Nursing skills and also, (on Facebook), the "developing" relationship ............ between big/handsome equine Roo and his diminutive little orange feline sweetheart Buttercup, too!

  12. So wonderful to see the photos of the kitties who made it and/or got adopted. You've been through a lot these past couple of months and did not deserve to be attacked like you were. Of all people, not you for sure! Keep up the good work. The world is a better place because of you, Natalie.

  13. I have so much respect and admiration for you and Gordon and all you do for animals. The world is a much better place because of all that you guys do for the animals. The commitment of time, money and resources is so impressive. I can only say good things about you guys. I really do not understand the meanness on social media. Hate that you have had such a negative experience and such a sad time with the kittens. It's just heartbreaking to even read so I know it was much more so in reality. The kitten photos are so adorable and it is wonderful that they will have the opportunity for good homes. Thank you for all you do for the animals!

  14. My broken heart goes out to you. Please heal! Most of us understand and have such respect for you. Thank you! The kittens are marvelous. You do such good deeds!

  15. When ever I step outside of my cat loving tribe, I am usually instantly reminded that people suck. I don't know what it is about vegans that make them go overboard like that, but they certainly are not doing their cause any favors.

  16. I can not even begin to imagine why this person would attack you like this Natalie. No person has more respect and love for animals then you.
    Be well and know that we are rootin’ for you!

  17. There are people on the internet that like to torment people and derive great pleasure in seeing them suffer/ react. They attacked you because you were down and you were an easy mark for their sickness. Several very lovely cat bloggers were harassed by people like these and no longer blog. How sad it must be to be them and have so little in their lives.
    Know that people are with you, recognize all of the work you do and all of the love you give to all creatures great and small.

  18. We are sorry that you are going through a hard time right now. We are hoping everything will be better really soon. We love all the pictures you shared. The kittens are so cute and look like they are going to put a lot of smiles on faces with the people that are going to adopt them. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  19. Please ignore the haters. Let the love win. There are many out here who love your blog and love what you do for animals.
    And I absolutely LOVE your kitten pix!!!

  20. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with the vegan trolls. I admire you for all that you do for these animals and don't give a damn if you're vegan, vegetarian or carnivore. That doesn't matter. What matters is all the good you are doing. Hang in there and know that you are loved by so many.

  21. I've been reading, Just Cats, for some years now and came across your blog through Deb's. I drop in on you, once in a blue moon, to see how you are getting on, but rarely comment. I have a blog too, Critters in the cottage :)

    I have fostered, rescued, volunteered at shelters and spent most of my free time and money on animals in need most of my life. I presently take care of three dogs and two cats. They are my family, my loves and my happiness.

    I'm going to tell you a story which I hope will make you feel better. A few years ago, I was looking for new food for my cats because the pet food company I had used for years, was no longer being sold in Canada. I asked a young woman working in a reputable pet store, for some suggestions for a new food for cats with digestive issues. I was already having difficulty transitioning them to a new food.I wondered if she could recommend a food that was made specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs. I explained that the new food I had switched to, seemed to be upsetting one of my cats. She asked me if my cat was having loose stools and I said yes. After I left the store, the young woman, unbeknownst to me,took my personal information , which the store had on record for a point reward system, and used that personal information to call Animal Control. The young woman claimed that I was abusing my animals and filed a formal complaint against me.

    A few weeks went by after I had had this unremarkable exchange with the clerk. One day, I came home and found a notice from Animal Control taped to my front door stating they had attempted to visit the premise. I was to call them within twenty-four hours to arrange a home check, as I had been accused of animal abuse.I thought there had been an error in address and they had meant to deliver the notice elsewhere but phoned nevertheless to clear it up.

    There was no error and they did in fact come to my home the very next day! Upon arrival,the individuals covered their shoes with shoe covers to protect them in case they, "encountered feces or other animal matter". They thoroughly examined every room of my home looking for signs of animal abuse.

    I am an extremely private person and the entire experience was mortifying on so many levels as you can well imagine. The search of my home left me feeling incredibly deflated and even incredulous that someone would accuse me of animal abuse in the first place. I am now on record as having been accused of animal abuse which will forevermore be on record even though I was cleared of the accusation, once the inspection was completed.

    I hope you got through all that:) What I want you to know, is that there are many unhappy, misguided people in the world who are directionless and without purpose, despite their personal conviction that they have a mission in life. At times, these individuals attach themselves to people with purpose and kindness , who are able to generate joy for themselves and for others. These lost individuals try to unhinge purposeful, compassionate beings by falsely accusing them on matters that do not deserve any energy or attention. I believe you need to let the toxic energy that was sent to you go and encourage it to return to its' original nest of tangled and malicious intent. Walk away from that mess knowing that you are one of the fortunate ones on this earth, for too many reasons for me to list. The important reasons to note or remember ; you have purpose, direction and good intentions. You are loved and know how to love.You are able to create joy and beauty.You cultivate compassion and save lives that would otherwise perish.

    I believe we are primarily responsible to those humans who lift us up.Walk away from everything else. It's simply not worth your time or energy. You are needed for a much higher purpose.I know you already now all of this. Still, some times, it's nice to hear it again from a distant, echoing voice.

    Your friend,


  22. WOw, Sophie, thank you for taking the time to leave me that beautiful, thoughtful comment. I can't believe that happened to you, but you are so right about everything. I will let this go; it has just taken me some time (and I still have a mark from the cold sore the whole experience gave me, lol!!) Anyway, while I am not happy about what happened to you, I take consolation from what you have written. THank you so much. xoxox

  23. That makes me happy. Now march on!

    Sophie XO


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