Sunday, October 29, 2017

A pony and a cat, and surprise for absolutely no one!

First, the pony...

Jimmy the rescue Shetland pony is complaining about a lack of airtime on the blog. I was doing groundwork with him on Friday and he insisted I show you a pic of his "stand on the tire and feel like a giant horse" trick. So here you go!

I took this by accident, but I quite like it...

Somebody was snuffling in the sand ring for anything edible. No, it wasn't me.

Meanwhile, the cat... on October 15, I took in this poor guy...

Buddy was dumped at my neighbour's farm. He was very skinny, unneutered, and in need of TLC. She couldn't keep him but was feeding him, and had made an appointment to take him to our local OSPCA shelter on October 31. She asked me if I would keep him until then. So I said yes...

He has gained some weight since I took this pic!

Buddy is the most loving, sweet cat you can imagine. I took him to the vet for a check up and vaccines...

No FelV or FIV! 
And guess what? I found him a forever home with some lovely people, so after I take him in to be neutered in October 31st, he will go home to his new family.

Needless to say, we've cancelled the appointment to surrender him to the OSPCA. They are so overwhelmed right now! It is great to be able to free up a spot by taking Buddy off the list.

And this week, we moved him into the auxiliary foster cat room... 

As you can see, he's quite content!

And gaining weight, which is a relief. Send good thoughts for his neutering on Tuesday!

I am still fostering Nina and her three kittens from the OSPCA...

Soon they will all be going to their forever homes! Yes, all of them have been adopted out (but are staying here until they are weaned.) And the best news is, Nina and her Calico baby Stella are going to a home together.

Gordon took this cute pic of Stella, little Gordie aka Pirate Kitty, and Maisie... not to scale, but Maisie IS the biggest and Stella is the little one. :)

And in news that is probably surprising to absolutely no one...

This little guy, who is blind in one eye despite our attempts to save it...

... has a forever home...

with us! :)


  1. Oh Natalie, that is so lovely you are keeping little Gordie!
    Love all the critter photos. Jimmy looks quite proud of himself.

  2. You did need another Tuxie on the crew... Keaton can't have ALL the Tuxie glory.

  3. It's good that you put the pony through some training as they are much happier when occupied.

  4. Aw, what a sweet post. Such happy stories all around. But I'm especially touched by Buddy's good fortune.

  5. You guys are such suckers! Love.

  6. All of the rescues who find their way to your home are so fortunate, as you obviously love each one of them while they are with you and ensure they find wonderful homes when it is time for them to leave. And the ones who get to stay are luckiest of all.


  7. How I love to read your blog and see all the photos of your menagerie! Thank you for all the great work you do.

  8. Sweet! Buddy might have had to come live with me if I lived closer, so I'm very glad he has found a new home. Oh no surprise you have taken in the one kitty who needed you the most! Hugs!

  9. So pleased to read that Nina has a forever home with her wee calico daughter. It is a delight to read such a happy post. My own rescue cat, small rotund Megs, is currently outside in the sunshine and looking for lizards (small brown skinks) to play with. She left one in the living room two days ago and I've yet to find it so I can do my own rescue. And it is still only Spring here. Sending love and care to you all, with a special wee scritch for your wee little pirate, Michelle in Wellington, NZ, xx xx with accompanying purry head-butts from Megs

  10. I always love hearing your stories of fostering--if we had a bigger place, I'd do the same thing, but I already have four cats, three I took in as kittens when they were dropped in our neighborhood. You are a saint!


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