Monday, October 31, 2016

So, er, this happened on the weekend...

We have a dog in the house again. Well, TWO to be precise!

Meet Dodger and Chloe (formerly Chance/Roo; she had two names in foster care. I have a horse named Roo so I couldn't keep that name!)...

Dodger is 9 months old and Chloe is 6 months old. They aren't very big. The two of them weigh less than one Tristan! They will probably max out at 40 - 45 lbs.

But they are super cute and cuddly. And they both had a tough start to life. We adopted them through Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue. They were saved from certain death as tiny pups in Jamaica.

How sad is this little man?

This was Dodger when he was found in a ditch in Jamaica. He'd been hit by a car and his leg was severely broken. He'd been left for dead.

But he received some really excellent medical care and has healed amazingly well. He may require further surgery but his latest x-ray indicates that is unlikely. Yay, Dodger!

We also adopted this little ragamuffin...

She was rescued by a very kind English woman named Dionne. Dionne spends part of her year in Jamaica.

She found this girl and named her Chance (later Chance was named Roo.) Dionne thought the pup's legs were broken because she couldn't walk, but as it turned out, she was just terribly malnourished. Proper nutrition soon sorted her out.

Dionne wasn't able to keep this gal, so she took her to The Animal House in Jamaica, where they help rescue dogs and cats in need. And from there, Chance aka Roo aka Chloe and Dodger found their way to Canada, where the wonderful Julie and Allison at Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue put them up for adoption...

We applied to adopt a puppy, and a week ago today, Allison and Julie brought out Dodger, Chance, and another pup named Bree for a home visit. 

Dodger  had been waiting a long time for his forever home. Not everyone wants to take on a dog with his medical history and the possibility of him needing more surgery. But we fell for him right away! And we also fell for his little girlfriend Chance, who we have renamed Chloe.

And on that same day, our friend Bernie was here helping with chores. He came in and met the third pup, a cutie named Bree. Instant love! Long story short, Bernie and his family adopted Bree! Dodger, Chloe and Bree were all delivered on Saturday. And then Gordon's assistant at work heard about all this, and yesterday she and her husband adopted a little pup named Brady.

Not bad, eh? Four puppy adoptions, all because I found this group and spread the word. I think Tristan would be pleased.

The dogs have been here for two days and have instantly settled in. They bonded in foster care and I think that has helped them adjust more easily...

They are super cuddly.

And they are both great with cats. Mootie, of all cats, is besotted with them. But they do steal cat beds...

We have been for several walks...

They've met Monty and the three of them get along great!

They are slowly meeting the other animals too.

Look! I have ponies and dogs that match!

I expect these beds to be occupied by cats soon.

Dodger and Chloe are called Jampups because they are pups from Jamaica. Street pups from the Turks & Caicos and Bahamas are called potcakes because people feed them the caked rice from the bottom of the pot.

We couldn't be more pleased with these two. Of course, when you lose a dog, that dog can never be replaced. But I think Tristan would be pleased if he knew we were able to offer a forever home to these two little ones. And it does make my heart feel a little bit better.

Welcome Dodger and Chloe! The cats will cope. :)


  1. Those two little pups hit the jackpot with you guys!

  2. Well, that's a surprise. I didn't think you'd get dogs for a while.

  3. Joyous!
    Four lives saved. Tristan's legacy truly lives on.. as I am sure he would have wanted you to fill a part of the hole in your heart with new pups to love. They cannot replace him, or Sophie but they can fill your heart with new love.
    Congratulations to you and Gordon and to the other families who made the choice to Adopt Not Shop.
    When you adopt you save two lives, the one you take home and the one you make room for. In your case that makes 8 lives saved! WELL DONE. Not everyone can say they saved 8 lives in one day ! 🐕🐕💜👍

  4. You've done Tristan proud. What sweethearts! And to think that thanks to the sweet memory of Tristan four puppies now have homes!

  5. I am so happy for them! And I also think the best way to honour a deceased animal is to adopt another one.

    Smoochies to all of them!

  6. Awww bless you for giving these lovies a wonderful home. Gosh I am sure they will fit in with the whole gang.

  7. Natalie, you and Gordon continue to amaze me. Your kindness and love knows no boundaries.
    Adorable puppies!

  8. You are dog saints; and I'm sure you will reap the reward in love and attention. P.S. Your Chloe looks like our Sophie, who (as we say) is a purebred mutt.

  9. I know the feeling! I just added Annie to my home and I couldn't be happier. Those two sweeties are adorable and have found a great home with you. Hugs.

  10. what a pair of cuties!! and sharing the love getting 4 adopted is great news. what a wonderful tribute to Tristan that you can spread the love to new dogs

  11. Yay!! What a feel good story in the midst of our depressing U.S. election purgatory. :)

  12. What a wonderful story with happy endings for the two dogs that you adopted and the two that your friends adopted. Both dogs are beautiful and a good example of how an animal can thrive with love and proper care. So happy for all and look forward to seeing Dodger and Chloe grow up and settle in with the other animals. I admire all you and Gordon do for the animals.

  13. OMD YOU KILL ME!! I love you and your hubby to pieces!!!!!!! Your baby is smiling down on you from Heaven xoxoxoxo

  14. Oh all the adventures that await for these two...... :)

  15. Lovely dogs, I'd love to have more but it's not possible. Tristan sent you a wonderful gift.

  16. They are a pair of cuties :-)

  17. How wonderful! Can't wait for more pics with the other animals.

  18. What a wonderful story/rescue....:)

  19. I agree with Wanderingcatstudio: they definitely hit the doggies jackpot with you two!


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