Monday, June 20, 2016

My heart is full!

Puppy kisses are the best!

So we had the "Homes with Woofs" fundraiser here on Saturday and it was amazing to see so many people coming out to support us. And we were SO excited to have Carol Anne Meehan (of 1310 Radio Ottawa) and Alan Neal (of CBC Radio's All in a Day drive show) here to judge doghouses. They are both wonderful, so much fun and easy to talk to! Today Alan Neal aired his interview with me on CBC's All in a Day (Podcast isn't up yet but I will link to it when it is) and Carol Anne Meehan posted TWO great videos from the event. Watch them if you want to learn more about us and the farm, and see many of our animals and friends!

Carol Anne's extensive interviews with us and others at Homes with Woofs:

Hilarious video from the designer doghouse judging:

As well, two of my photographer friends were there, Ian Highway (whose photos I will post jsut as soon as I get five minutes to process them!) and Deborah Wilson, who took these beautiful photos (copyright Deborah Wilson, please don't download them).  Ian and Deborah both donated items for the auction too. Great (and talented!) people!

Beautiful Saul

Sweet Monty. Hard to believe he is only 4-1/2 months old.

Cute cupcake made by Vicky Tyo-Grenier.

Enjoying the ponies and donkey

My godson and his Dad having a moment with sweet Monty.



My friend (and riding instructor!) Rose from Havencrest Farm offered pony rides! That's Gordon's Fjord horse Sandy on the right.

Many of our dear friends made BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS cupcakes for the event!

Meanwhile, Finney was freaking out over Sandy and Skor (Rose's pony daring to venture onto our property!

There goes my godson on Skor, with Rose leading him.

What a fantastic day! I felt so supported and the beautiful things people said about us on the interview video made me cry. Enjoy! More photos to come.


  1. Each one of your photos is more beautiful than the last! So glad it was all a huge success!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. What a day that was for you all...wish that I could have been there...(I live on Vancouver Island).

  3. Wonderful photos! Especially of the Cupcake!

  4. When did Monty get so big? looks like you all had lots of fun, :)

  5. What lovely and delicious day you all had ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week and Happy Summer !

  6. Great videos Natalie! Your farm looks like heaven to me as I am sure all the animals think the same thing.

  7. What a joy. And the photos are beautiful, although I don't think that's really Gordon's Fjord Horse on the right... the one in the Fitch T-shirt?

  8. I'll say it again..."It was a great day. We had a blast and it was wonderful to meet Saul, for instance. *love* Bless you for doing so much for the needy animals in your area. :)

  9. It is good to see what a fun event and how much fun everyone had! You do so much for animals and it's a blessing to follow your blog!

  10. What a excellent event to raise money for such a needly cause--Saint Knatolee!

  11. It sounds like the event was successful all the way around.

  12. So glad we could be part of this. It was fantastic Natalie!! You are terrific folks who deserve all the recognition that is bestowed on you. It was a FANTASTIC day.....

  13. Oh ya ... by the way ... thank Gordon for his suggestion of Jack's Pub. Deb and I enjoyed terrific Fish n Chips and a very welcome glass of white wine. :-) :-) :-) :-)
    Forget what the boys had but it was delicious all round...

  14. How great to see and hear you both in the video! Glad you're getting recognition for the good work you do. Would have loved to "bee" there too! :)

  15. What wonderful friends you have, Knatolee. It looks like the fundraiser was a fantastic success.

    Those cupcakes look good enough to eat.

  16. What great pics! Glad the event was a success. Watched all the videos and would have loved to attend... but afraid Texas is a bit far. However, if you do another calendar, keep me in mind. I have the last one up in my computer room.

  17. Glad to hear the event went well! Monty looks like a big fluffy sweetie pie


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