Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home sweet home

I don't know if the animals missed me while we were in Spain, but I missed them!

Bambi feeding Emmeline and Pierre while Hawkeye lounges nearby.

Hawkeye was enjoying the sun today!

Emerson is very goat-positive. And little Pierre gets to keep his horns. In the whole Daphne-/C-section fiasco, I didn't get him disbudded in a timely fashion... he's starting to look like a little devil now! :)

Rudy was enjoying the sunshine. Emerson was enjoying sucking on my finger!

Annabelle still likes jumping up on me.

Luc is getting really big! His brown fur is a lot lighter than on the other goats. He's a sweet, handsome boy. Another couple of months until the snip-snip, though.

That Debbie in front of Kevin, with hmmm, Hawkeye and Emmeline in the background.

Emmeline is a real cutie!

Luc and his mama Penny!

Emmeline was trying out the mineral block.

The fenceposts are in for the new goat pasture, which will be about three acres! The horses will be bunking with them for a little while.

Panoramic shot of the new pasture, beyond the pigs!

Geoff coming to check me out. Daphne is behind him.  She's doing great! I think she's out of the woods now. Eating well, and very lively. It is relief to see her recovering after the C-section and subsequent internal bleeding.

The goats LOVE spruce and pine boughs. They even strip the bark off them!

Bambi was enjoying the sun today too!

Pierre, Debbie and Daphne in the back.

Emerson cam through the gap by the gate to spend time with his goat and pig buddies.

Everyone seemed pretty happy today!

Genny and Emmeline (Emmeline is actually Bambi's kid)

And Ophelia was enjoying the sun today too!

I really missed these guys but it was great to get away for two weeks. It was super-relaxing and I haven't slept that well since our last vacation. Last night I woke up at 3 am... gotta love jet lag! I managed to get back to sleep around 4:30. It is nice to be in my own bed again, though, even if it's littered with cats. 

Hope you are all having a good week!


  1. I have to admit that kids are very very cute. I'm not so sure about the adults.

  2. Welcome back, Natalie. I bet the cats enjoyed sharing their bed with you. lol Your goats will have more land than we do. It looks beautiful.

  3. Welcome home! My goodness the baby goats are certainly big fast. Their mommas are doing a good job with them.

    Love that Emerson is so present with the pigs and goats. (and the horses too) He's sure a cat with no fear!

  4. Sunshine and smiles as far as the eye can see. The perfect welcome home.

  5. I love the photos of all your sweet animals and I bet they did miss you! Glad you had a good vacation! (the piggies will be on their way soon I promise)

  6. I agree with Linda... that they all missed you and were really happy to have you back. But it's good to be able to take a break now and then. Love the animal pics! And the baby goats are adorable.

  7. Great to see those happy (and massive!) kids in the sunshine! :)

  8. we bet those kids seemed twice as big when you got back!

  9. I am sure they missed you. Great photos of everyone. A bed full of cats is heavenly.

  10. Gratuitous goat pictures ....loved it!

  11. Looks like a great menagerie. I envy your your collection of furry friends.

  12. Must be tough surrounded by all that cuteness!

  13. I swear your animals could be right out of a Disney movie! You have to have the cutest cats, goats and pigs that I have ever seen! So glad you had a marvelous vacation! Well-deserved! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


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