Friday, October 30, 2015

Roo had a bit too much fun and other critter pix!

So I went for my riding lesson the other day and found this...

Apparently Roo was having fun with his lady friends and got into some burrs!

His forelock looked exactly like those spray of millet I used to give my budgies!


But still handsome.

My teacher Rose got him all sorted out with some Cowboy Magic detangler and a wide-tooth comb.


Did I post this already? Oh well, it's so cute, it's worth posting again! Emerson and Saul, the friendship continues. When they see each other now, they RUN to each other!

And while we were away in Ireland... friend Ginny crocheted these fantabulous cat-butt coasters for me. Event the cats were amazed! 
"Looks just like me!" says Archie.


...I think Louise missed us!

And outside...

...Buttercup and Emerson were hanging out on the roof of Henry the pig's house.

And  Mootie... doing better, BUT last night she somehow injured her front paw (not pictured!) and is not putting weight on it. It looks swollen, so I am taking her to the vet this afternoon.

Speaking of pets, I did not win the Pet Plus US contest you all so kindly supported me in. Bummer, because I so wanted the $1500 to donate to my local OSPCA shelter. However, I really appreciated your support and kind thoughts. My blog readers are the best!! Also I love all your comments, even though I have SUCKED lately at responding to them. I do so appreciate them, though.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's it. I was a doubter before, but seeing Saul and Emerson together makes me a believer in previous lives!

  2. Saul and Emerson are so sweet together. I'm relieved that Rose was able to extract all the burrs from Roo's mane.

    Cat butt coasters? Hilarious!

  3. that cowboy magic must be serious magic

  4. Roo is a handsome lad. And I love the friendship between Emmerson and Saul. Hope you managed to sort Mootie's paw. Have a great weekend. Jo

  5. holy moly - you got those burrs OUT? that IS magic :) love seeing pics of Emerson and Saul

  6. Great photos Natalie. I hope Mootie is o.k. Such a sweetie!

  7. This ALL warms my heart. And I love Roo's dreadlocks. If I had hair, I'd do it! (No man bun.)

  8. Looks like our Miggs when she comes from a walk in the fields lol ! Lovely photos . I bet all the animals are glad your both home ! Hope Mootie's paw gets better soon .Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. Now your horse got in some mess. I've never seen this before.

  10. Baby oil also works well on burrs, and the cat butt coasters are very cool!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!