Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cats, a frog, a pond and my cowboy

A few pics for you on this Sunday evening...

Annuk LOVES her daddy. Annuk is one of our Greek kitties and she's a real sweetie pie. I am thinking of Greece and my friends there. The situation in that country is quite dire right now which makes me sad, as it's a lovely place filled with lovely people. I hope things can be sorted out without too much suffering.

On a brighter note, the pond we had dug last year is going really well!

Here's one of the inhabitants...

A lovely Green frog. The pond is filled with frogs and fish already!

And here's my sweet Missy...

...with bologna tongue!

And my Greek girl Honey...

...just being sweet. 

And that's not a bird in the birdbath...

It's my Greek girl Daisy! 

Speaking of Greeks...

...Archie came to sit with me when I took a break from barn chores the other day! He is excellent company.

And these two Greeks...

...really like each other! Annuk and Honey... even though they are a year apart in age and never met each other in Greece, they act like they have known each other forever. They came from the same dump, where they were discarded as kittens. I wouldn't be surprised if they were related in some way.

And oh look! Feeding time at the zoo!

Outside, clockwise from bottom left: Redford, Buttercup, Honey, Daisy, Annuk, Emerson, Mootie and Pie. In the middle is Archie on top and Missy on the bottom! To think this is only 2/3rds of our cat population. :0

And speaking of cats...

We are having a stone wall built across the back of the garage and a new herb garden put in there. The cats think the newly-dug out area is the bestest litterbox/kitty playland EVER!

Archie loves it!

He's a real cutie.

Speaking of cuties...

...I adore this donkey!

And I like this donkey too...

(The bearded one!) Frozen hot chocolates (which I guess makes them cold chocolates!) at our favourite restaurant here, The Quirky Carrot in Alexandria.

And we had some hay delivered last week...

Pony and donkey food!


Pip wasn't too sure what to think of the barn door closing!

And somebody got himself a cowboy hat at the local tack shop...

Have a great week! It was like autumn here today, 15C and rainy. Ugh! Hard to believe it's nearly July!

Bee good!


  1. Aw,everyone looks so happy!
    Jane x

  2. What fun pictures. I love ending my day with a smile.

  3. It's a busy place. I don't know how you keep track of all of them and know them as well.

  4. Yes, that's it.....happiness. Everyone looks so happy. It makes us happy too!
    Your Gordon is a treasure. Did he always love animals or was that something you taught him?

  5. Love all the photos! Everyone looks so content. Have a great week!

  6. Another day in paradise. I'm amazed at all the roots exposed in the stone wall project.

  7. You have such a perfect menagerie and that cowboy is looking good too!

  8. Love your cats! Everyone looks so happy and healthy. Those Greeks are sure lucky you came along and brought them back to the farm!

  9. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Gordon really rocks that cowboy hat. Yeehaw! :)

  10. Everything made me smile... and I need to smile. Thanks for that. And you BEE careful!

    P.S.: That's the biggest catbird I've ever seen!

  11. All your kitties are adorable and obviously well cared for.

  12. I just adore your photos. You seriously need to make a book of photos my friend, your photos are incredible! xoxo

  13. I want to live at your house!

  14. There is never a dull moment at your house, is there? Always something to see or do...I know it has to be hard work but you make it look like soooo much fun!

    We've got 30+C this week in the Prairies. I'll see if I can blow some your way without the sending the smoke from the forest fires too.

  15. I am intrigued by cat friendships; eg. Annuk and Honey...I wonder if there is such a thing as soul-mates amongst cats? We, on Vancouver Island are roasting with very high temps for us-over 25*C is high, and you have been receiving so much rain...funny why there must be extremes...

  16. Lots of cuteness all round :-)

  17. My kitties love to dig, and ROLL in the dirt too. They compete with the turkey's for the raw spot in the potato patch.
    I've always wondered how fish get into a newly dug, landlocked pond. Your's isn't the first I've heard about.

  18. We agree - everyone looks happy at your place.



Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!