Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday stuff

I'm off to Greece tomorrow. Gordon will be here, minding the fort. Here are some animal pics for your weekend viewing pleasure...

Eight sleepy pigs who are looking forward to some warmer weather!

George, post bath.

Unlike Lenny, he had his bath outside, without the benefit of blow-drying (unlike his elderly flock-mate, Lenny!)

Meanwhile, Honey thought it would be a good idea to get up on the roof...

...feel free to take down the Christmas lights while you're up there, Honey!

She jumped up from the deck railing!

She thought about going to the higher roof but I think my yelling stopped her!

We really need to take down that dish. And paint that brown metal black!

And Julius (and Emily!) popped out for some fresh air...

Poor Julius, who is 15 now (or possibly older!) lost his eyesight completely in December.

Nonetheless, he has adapted extremely well! But he's not allowed outside unless I'm right there with him.

Emerson cam over to hang with the old guy for a bit.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will check in from Greece.


  1. Aaaaaah! How did Honey get on the roof?

    It pains me to learn about Julius' blindness, and I hope he's getting around smoothly in his winter years.

  2. Nice to see them all, Natalie. Cats sure love to be in high places. Audrey has claimed the top of the fridge here. Not quite as daring as Honey. I hope Julius is doing okay. It amazes me how they adapt to losing their hearing or sight. I imagine losing their sight is very difficult so it is good to know he is in good hands. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and wish you a wonderful time in Greece. Hugs

  3. Fingers crossed all goes well on your trip...salud!

  4. Have a good trip. Greece should be wonderful at this time of year; it can be very hot at other times.

  5. How nice of Honey to go up there and point out all the things you need to fix. Have a great time in Greece!

  6. Have a wonderful trip and give big hugs too poor old Julius from us.

  7. Lovely photos ! Have a safe a wonderful time in Greece !

  8. I guess your hair will go grey a lot faster with Honey around!
    Jane x

  9. Now I'm wondering how Honey got off the roof? Have a good trip.

  10. Your animals are beautiful !! Lovely photos !!

  11. You'll be well on your way or perhaps even arrived in Greece by the time this comment posts. Wishing you safe and comfortable travels!!

    Julius is a handsome fellow, it's nice to know he is able to manage.

  12. Have a great time! Give our love to Joan!

  13. Anonymous11:22 am

    Enjoy the sun in Greece! Best wishes for your return trip with those lucky cats!

  14. Hope the trip is going well. The eight kids in the barn sure do take up a lot more space than they used to!

  15. Oh I remember when our Willy was like that and he had long hair too. So hard but he still seemed happy.

  16. aw the piggies are fantastic ! cats can be such daredevils !! one of my old cats is blind in one eye now and rather deaf so he likes to be picked up and put into his bed ...mind you he only has 3 legs too so he is really like an old soldier !!
    enjoy your hols....Gail x


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