Thursday, August 07, 2014

Charlotte's birthday bash

Sorry for the silence, everyone. It's not that I'm not thinking of you! It's making me crazy that I haven't been posting here enough. I've been dealing with an explosion of honey (lots of beekeeping), homework assignments for the writing courses I've been taking, barn chores, work and whatever else. I am starting to feel my age!

Anyway, we had a little party for the birthday chicken this weekend and my friend Ronna made this fantastic cake:

The chicken part was chocolate cake, the rest was red velvet. Fantastic!! Ronna did a blog post about it too.

I love this hen. She better live forever!

Blowing out the candles (and wow, looks that patch of grey!)

Charlotte even got presents, like these freeze-dried mealworms from our friends Pierre and Kathy.

And also a rubber chicken, a stuffed chicken, a hen house dip bowl, yogurt and a watermelon!

Charlotte and her babies LOVED the yogurt...

On top of everything else, she's started moulting!

And my friends' kids made a beautiful album all about Charlotte...

We are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

And here's a video of the birthday girl and her kids, enjoying yogurt..

PS: Redford the barn cat is being sighted almost every day and is eating his nummies at his feeding station!


  1. What a gorgeous girl!!
    Happy Birthday sweet one.
    Jane x

  2. Charlotte must be the luckiest chicken in the world!

  3. Our dogs and cat celebrate birthdays, but our single hen (Richard) is of uncertain birthdate. Maybe this is a good thing.

  4. I would like to celebrate my birthday at your place.:-)

  5. I never wished a happy birthday to a chicken before :)
    Happy b-day, Charlotte.
    Looks like you had a fun day of celebrating!

  6. There can't be many chickens who have featured on their own cake. I expect she has eaten it by now. Or someone has?

  7. I'm sure that this is a first in the world! No other hen has ever had a birthday bash like this! You care for your critters very well.

  8. What a birthday party, Charlotte! We wonder whether the yogurt was enjoyed most for eating or the spa treatment on the feet ;-)

    Glad to hear Redford is staying close to home and enjoying his noms!

  9. Ronna is so talented!! I love her cakes.

  10. Who knew I'd ever fall in love with a HEN?

    Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

  11. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Too cute! What a great birthday party.

  12. Happy birthday, Charlotte! She's adorable with that dollop of yogurt on her beak. I wasn't aware that chickens liked dairy, but Charlotte and her youngsters sure do!

    Wow. You weren't kidding about the molting. She has feathers everywhere!

  13. Well this could turn into a children's story some day.

  14. Your blog warms my heart. (And I wish Ronna lived HERE!)

  15. Anonymous8:47 am

    A chicken with its own birthday cake!?!? AMAZING!!!!
    A belated Happy Birthday to Charlotte the chicken.
    Lorna ✿ ✿


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