Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Piggy goes walkabouts. And things are heating up in Sexyville!

While we are all despairing about the continuing freezing temperatures, bouts of snow, and lack of spring on any near horizon, Ophelia and her buddies went outside today to check out the situation.

LeMay (right) came to us from the same barn as Ophelia. My rescue pig and chicken! They like to hang out together. I can't say I am particularly worried about Ophelia eating the chickens anymore.

I think she is yearning to get out there! Too bad it's snow and not grass. I couldn't get that gate open if I tried.

Meanwhile, in the barn (aka Sexyville):

Well HELLO Carlton, you hunka hunka burning Narragansett turkey love!

He loves to show me his goods. I am pretty sure he thinks I'm a hot turkey hen.

And that's Inari peaking out behind him.

Now known as "Mr. Inari" because for #$@&'s sake, female turkeys don't constantly strut, gobble, have heads that turn blue and red, and lengthen their snoods when displaying!

So even though Mr. Inari is quite a bit smaller than Carlton....

I am pretty much convinced "he" is a "she." If any one thinks otherwise, let me know. Mr. Inari is the one in front. His/her/its tail feathers were not up on display here, but they often are!

Carlton felt compelled to show me his best side! He looks like a two-headed turkey with Mr. Inari beside him.

Meanwhile, my rooster Jams was being uncharacteristically debonair. Instead of instantly humping Julie and Bonnie (the new girls), he had a nice chat with them.

THEN he jumped their bones!

Meanwhile, Ophelia's only urge was to find something edible in the barn...

I need to clean up that face of hers but it's been so damn cold, I've been loathe to take a damp washcloth down and fix her up! She doesn't seem to care. She does like her daily brushings and belly rubs!

Much as I have had it with winter, in under two weeks we are going to be in SRI LANKA! We were there in 2006 and I swore I'd go back the year I hit 50. So we are! 35C weather is sounding mighty delightful to me right now. We're off for two weeks leaving the place in the care of our competent farm-/pet-/house-sitters I cannot wait, even though we are flying in a 777. With any luck, it won't vanish into thin air!


  1. I just said a quick prayer for your safety in the air. Ominous news we are having and such a mystery. Tomorrow is the first shot at Spring about 10:00 AM evidently and we Canadians are ready and eager.

  2. Quite the bordello at your place!
    Enjoy Sri Lanka...but do come back..we'd miss you too much,
    Jane x

  3. Anonymous12:14 am

    I'm lovin' the pics of Ophelia. Looking forward to seeing her enjoying summer.
    Wow, Sri Lanka, exciting! Competent farm-/pet-/house-sitters are invaluble for
    animal rescuers.

  4. I love those Turkeys. And how lucky to be off to Sri Lanka; my people had a tea plantation there (near Kandy) but it was sold before my time.

  5. I am ready to carry your luggage or whatever you like me to do.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful trip and safe return. Maybe we can meet in Frankfurt Airport, if you go there, but I am not sure with our schedule right here.

  6. Safe travels! Enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka.

  7. I love Ophelia! I would love to have a pig someday but I don't know a single thing about them haha. I have heard of them eating chickens, so I'm glad Ophelia doesn't want to eat yours.

  8. Obviously in the absence of a Mrs Inari you are the next best thing. Thank god human males don't display like that.

  9. What a dear family... if a bit over-sexed.

    I just read they're expecting snow in Sri Lanka.

  10. I'd keep my eye on Carlton if I were you. He's got that look in his eye. ; )

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