Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yep, they talk!

Apologies to my Facebook buddies who have already had to endure these, but they still crack me up (I am easily amused!)

I got the "My Talking Pet" app for my iPhone. Best 99 cents I ever spent!!!

Yep, Tristan speaks French!

Louise has opinions on everything!

And Gordon enjoyed an Oreo milkshake at the Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore this month!

Hope these will keep you amused until I get my act together and resume my regular quality blogging schedule! :)


  1. For the love of God..please give Tristan a biscuit,hide all electronics from Louise,and let Gordon have his milkshake!
    Jane x

  2. Too cute. My best 99 cent app is the kitty app that got the feral four week old kitten out from a bush to look for his mommy. He was nabbed! and now lives in Ohio. But, he no longer likes the kitty app. He stalks away. Too bad his legs are too short to be other than comical.

  3. Now I KNOW that Tristan and Monty are related.

  4. Funny enough to see again here! It's so lifelike, you have me believing Gordon can actually talk!

  5. I needed a laugh...thanks, XOXO

  6. Oh, those are really a lot of fun!


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