Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stormy weather

We had quite the dramatic thunderstorm the other day, and we're due for more this evening.

They sky got very black over the neighbouring cornfields and beyond!


It rolled in over our house from the north-west.

The bees get a little excited before a storm! Definitely not  a good time to inspect the hives. They know when bad weather is on the way.

I was hoping the swirling clouds wouldn't spawn a tornado. We do get them around here, but they are generally small and not too damaging. Nothing like what happens in the US midwest!

Still, clouds like this always give me pause!


  1. My God, those photos are wonderful. That sky would have worried me, too. We had lots of rain this afternoon; just teeming. I had to find a cat that was an outdoor cat to see if he was ok and under cover. I found him up inside the wheel of a truck sitting comfortably and dry as toast. What gave him away was his tail hanging down. ha!

  2. Here in the Bruce Peninsula (at least in the northern part) we had the same forecast but have not had a drop of rain for over 2 weeks, even if once we heard some distant thunder. A little shower would be appreciated as otherwise we will soon have to start serious watering.
    These pictures are magnificent.

  3. I'm betting your were in a motor vehicle that could hi-tail it back home really fast. I would have been.

  4. I like watching storms like this. the clouds change rapidly in shape and color. Throw in a little lightening and thunder and it's awesome. Great photos.

  5. I love a good storm; but not if it's accompanied by overly strong wind.

  6. Wow!!! We've never seen clouds like that. Those look majestic, and scary at the same time!

  7. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Rain...I remember that. I think. :(


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