Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beautiful spring evening for a run

Gordon and I are running our first race ever this Saturday, the Run for MS 5K in Cornwall. My goal is to finish, ha ha. That should be doable as we've been running 5k at least three times a week lately

Tonight we ran along a quiet road by nearby Loch Garry (where we kayak in the summer.) It was a gorgeous night, and best of all, the mosquitoes and blackflies aren't out yet.

This was at the end of the run. We were sweatier than we look. Be glad you can't smell photos!

My runnin' man!

Me and my new Garmin Forerunner 310 XT watch, which I love. I really need to finish reading the manual.

The moon was coming out. It was just gorgeous. We heard loons tonight! I have a video of all this that Ineed to edit and post.

He likes to live dangerously! Don't worry, he wasn't in the forbidden bit of the dam. :)

Livin' on the edge, that Gordon.

Lots of little fish jumping, birds singing, and a chorus of Spring Peepers starting up.

I just love it here. And it's a five-minute drive from our house!

A boy and his marsh

We thought this was a Least Bittern, but I'm waiting for my birder friend to confirm that.

What a spectacular evening!


  1. You did have a spectacular evening...a good run, some great photos.
    You look in great shape and should take first place. I still miss running and still think I would like to start again. So keep up the running. You don't know how good it feels until you stop.

  2. looks like a least bittern to me. I am no longer able to run...but I loved it!
    Wishing you a great run...please finish and don't puke at the end!!!
    Jane x

  3. A run for MS is wonderful. My sister's daughter has MS and was just diagnosed with it 5 years ago. She is in her early 40's and so far the symptoms are not severe. I love where you photographed today. It's amazing the wonderful sounds you hear in a place like that. Good luck on Saturday. I think you guys will do great. Hugs

  4. What a difference in your landscape! I love the photos and the cause you're running for, XOXO

  5. The one thing I miss, where I live, is water. It makes such a difference to the wildlife around. I guess Bittern too, although in the second picture it does look a bit like an Heron.

  6. Nice place to exercises!

  7. Beautiful photos. How quickly the weather has changed! Seems only a week ago you were wrapped up in jackets and had snow! Good luck on Saturday.

  8. What a lovely evening! I like that photo of the two of you!

  9. You two certainly look fit as a fiddle! Why do you have less snow than we do here south of you?


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