Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The inmates are running the asylum!

(Excuse the state of our kitchen. We are in the middle of having beadboard put up, wallpaper stripped, walls repaired, and painting done!)

The inmates are running the asylum...

On other hand, if you want to ensure your in-laws never eat in your kitchen again, I have a possible solution....

Totally unsanitary, but completely hilarious!

We discovered that blue-coloured wood under a layer of atrociously ugly light blue-and-white 70s faux-wood panelling covered by somewhat less atrocious plaid wallpaper. We're going to leave the wood and paint it! It's original to the house and about 110 years old.

I think we need more cats...


  1. Hahahah! I love it!

  2. Oh my God, I'm still laughing. The first shot of Gordon is hilarious. It's like he's saying " guys win."
    Whatever you do, don't do what I did. I added lights to the pot hanger on top of our island which, of course, adds heat and now they just love it up there. I'm sure you have given up as I did many moons ago.

  3. Why not? Your table will hold more than four!
    Jane x

  4. I don't understand why you don't have tablecloth on or a placemat for each cat. Do you want them to be uncomfortable?

  5. I think that shade of blue is extremely attractive, if freshened up?

  6. You obviously need at least two more cats - a black one and a white one - since you don't have either. Though you get a sweet little Tuxie cat as a compromise!

  7. Good find, that blue wood. And, I'm sure a few more cats will find you.

  8. Looks like a friendly group--I'd eat with them:-D

  9. Our dogs have been given STRICT INSTRUCTIONS that they're not allowed on the sofas. Guess where's their favourite spot?

  10. Yes, you do need at least one more cat. What about the stray one? And I agree with Maureen. Pretty poopie service you have.
    And you can have Dutch, if he not stops pooing outside the litter box.
    Any solution? He pees inside the box.

    1. If he is just missing the box, put down a big garbage bag under the litter box to catch the misses. If he's going elsewhere inside your house, you're on your own.

  11. Tortoiseshell to Gordon-3. Check!

  12. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Love the newly discovered walls! I hate it when wonderful things like that get covered up in an attempt to "modernize."

    I was eating breakfast this morning and noticed a couple of grains of cat litter on the table. My cat Culvey likes to sit there so he can scope out the backyard. What's a few bits of litter between friends?

  13. Indeed, totally unsanitary. Get that human cleaned up a bit before he makes the cats ill.

  14. Four cats is a good number as we know ourselves!


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