Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cosmically-aligned kitties

The cats really do like to line themselves up...

Emily is yawning, not screaming.

When they do this sort of thing, we say they are cosmically-aligned!

And here's some feathered cuteness...

I really need to invest in some more hand cream! This little one is the firstborn, and my friend Ronna (as opposed to the Mama duck Ronna) named her Ducky Duddle, a duckling made famous in a song:

Oh little Ducky Duddle
Went swimming in a puddle,
Went swimming in a puddle quite small.
Said he, "It doesn't matter
how much I pslash and splatter - 
I'm only a ducky after all!"

Duck Limerick contest judging is tonight. I think Pear Tree Log and Little Blue Mouse already deserve prizes for submitting such an incredible number of quality limericks!!


  1. What a sweet picture of Ducky Duddle! Wondering where the adults are reglated to sit and sleep :)

    P.S. You think you need more hand cream. I've given up any thoughts of being a hand model LOL.

  2. Love the picture of the ducky. Our kitties are not as good about lining up. Great pictures of them too. Have a great week end.

  3. Ducky Duddle is a doll!

  4. And delighted I got to name the first born duckling. They are, afterall, my grand-ducklings n'est ce pas?

  5. My face looks 50, my hands look 80.
    Jane x
    PS. So much cuteness!

  6. How interesting the way the cats lay equal distance from each other. Love the little ducky!

  7. Emily could win the cat-o-lympics contest in Yawning :)
    Ducky Duddle is just too cute!

  8. You know the Cats are merely minimizing Available Space.
    For humans.

  9. My kitties line up like that too. especially at bedtime.. I think it's a conspiracy

  10. Adorable, as always. I can't wait to see how the limerick judging goes tonight.

  11. Awwww. So sweet!
    Emily is still so petite. Do you think she'll stay that way?

  12. The distance between the kittens reminds me so much of how careful my sister and I were when we share a bed growing up. We needed our own space and we nearly measured it with a rule. If I had been able I would have cut my share with a saw.

    Love the photos.

  13. Hahahahah! I love this cosmic align!


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