Thursday, March 31, 2011


Because I'm middle-aged, I can't remember if I posted this photo before. Hopefully most of you are middle-aged and can't remember either!

In 1969, when I was a wee lass of five years of age, my parents decided we'd go on a vacation to Barbados. For some reason, my mother thought it would be a good time to cut off all my curly blonde hair. Something about the heat in the Caribbean, as I recall. Anyway, right after the hack job (which I suspect she did herself!) she had a professional photographer come to the house to take photos of me. And here is one of them...

I apparently adapted to the new hair without lasting psychological damage. And after we got back from the trip, she let my hair grow long again.

As for Barbados, I loved it, but as I mentioned before, I got a nasty case of sand fleas and scratched my legs raw. My parents took me to a Barbadian doctor,  and I was banned from the beach for the last week of the trip.

But for a while there, she had her own miniature Twiggy...

My mother loved Twiggy.


  1. You looked kinda cute but I never realized how freaky Twiggy looked. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Anonymous10:49 pm

    You're adorable!

  3. I'm triple-aged. And I would remember if you had posted that sweet child before. Sorry for your poor little legs...

  4. Mothers eh? Mine was the opposite, always trying to curl my poker straight hair with 'dinky'(brand name) curlers. She decided when I was about 10 that I should have my hair permed! This was in the 60s too and as well as getting my head burnt, it turned out completely frizzy - think Affro! Funnily enough I can't remember being teased about it at school but I know I cried for days.

  5. Me again, Natalie. Just wondering where your 'book' sells as I would love to get one for my grand-daughter who is too young at the moment but I am building a bit of a library for her. It may also help me get over my insane fear of snakes.

  6. Deb, you're right, she was a bit freaky!!

    Thanks WanderingCat and TTPT. :)

    Claude, you remember lots! That's why you have such great stories.

    LBM, poor you with a crispy Afro! Mothers!!! And perms used to be so brutal. :0

  7. Deb, it's on and at the ASDM where it was published, but I also have a personal supply and I can certainly sell you one ($20) and if you like, I can sign it for your granddaughter. :) Email me if you want to work something out. (My email address is in the profile!)

    My Mum was terrified of snakes but in the last year of her life, Kate (the author of that book) and I got Mum to touch a snake. She was pleasantly surprised by how nice it felt. :)

  8. re leg mite
    have you tried methelated spirits?

  9. I can't see your picture, only Twiggy. What gives with Blogger these days? I can't upload my files. Pictures are disappearing from other bloggers too. Is it just me?

  10. Sweet picture of you Natalie! You still have those gorgeous eyes and that innocent yet vibrant smile.

    Your recounting of the sand fleas are making me itch! LOL

  11. My mother was always cutting my hair short (she thought it would make it thicker as I have very fine hair) Well it didn't .
    Yep, I got the Twiggy cut too...or was it the Mia Farrow one? (and many more embarraring ones beforehand). Which is probably why I have never had short hair since then.

  12. John, I have not, but I will! On the perch, or on the legs? Or both?

  13. Fran, I don't think it's just you. :(

    Paula, thank you! And sorry about the itchies.

    Elisabeth, poor you! But your hair looks great long.


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