Friday, November 05, 2010

Paw of ownership

(Please excuse my attire!) Note "paw of ownership" draped over my arm.

Here's the reason I have to type with one hand in the early morning. Naomi has a daily dawn lap ritual that involves her stretching out over my left arm, pinning it down. I am then forced to type one-handed until Naomi deems that snuggle-time has ended (or until I get so desperate for another cup of tea that I dump her onto the chair and head for the kitchen.)

Naomi and Tristan have a little nose-to-nose under my arm.

"Stop taking my damn picture!"

And with that, she left.


  1. You are definitely under the dew claw Knatolee!

  2. How come Michelle didn't say anything?

    Do you ever get the impression that the animals at your house keep a human pet? Great shots of Naomi, a.k.a The Boss!

  3. Oh. There's Michelle's just popped up. Never mind. Hi, Michelle.

  4. Anonymous6:43 pm

    That's so funny! My cat, Neferkitty, always "claims" me too when she's lying next to me on the couch or when I'm in bed. Just a gentle paw extended across my leg to let me know who's really in charge!

  5. My Tux is like that - he can be quite demanding when he wants my lap for nap time - doesn't matter where I am. He's very pushy about it - and when you're shaped like Jabba the Hut - you've got a lot of push.
    But he also has the most heavenly purr which is hard to resist

  6. I love the paw of ownership! She has claimed you, she owns you! So sweet.

  7. "Under the dew claw", I like that , Jams!

    Nance, we are ruled by the animals here, right down to the 17-year-old leopard gecko! :)

    TTPT, cats are scheming to take over the world. They'd probably do a better job of ruling it than we humans have.

    Wanderingcat, they use that purr to hypnotize you and make you do their bidding!!

    Naomi is very sweet and she knows how to use that to get what she wants.


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