Saturday, October 30, 2010

The farm

My Welsh, chicken-loving, bloggy friend John asked, quite some time ago, to see more footage of our farm. I took this last summer and only got around to editing it now! It was done on my little Canon Elph instead of my video camera, so the quality suffers a bit. And I didn't even get into the front fields, but then there are 86 acres to cover, which takes time. :) Enjoy. The pigs are gratuitous but cute, and belonged to our friends down the road.


  1. Thank you for following my blog. I love your chickens. We have to find some new ones to replace the ones that were killed last week. Look forward to reading more about yours

  2. oh how beautiful!
    and VAST!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you so muchxxxxxxx

  3. Anonymous1:54 pm

    That was lovely!.

    I am thoroughly convinced that those are the two luckiest dogs in the world! :)

    What a beautiful place. I feel some jealousy creeping up on me ;).

    (indulging in my blog-reading-guilty pleasure)

  4. Loved the video. Such nice land you have there.
    Is that water considered a river, creek, stream....?
    Does it have a name?

  5. Nice to see you, Nearly 50!

    John, land is relatively affordable around here. I love this area.

    Dr. Sloth, the dogs have a pretty darn good life here. They have settled in so well and really relaxed over the years.

    Sugarcreek, the river is at the very back of our property and is called the Beaudette River. It flows into the St. Lawrence River. We have kayaked on the Beaudette a couple of times, early in the summer when the water levels are up.

    We also have the algae-filled pond (frogs love it), and a municipal drain (looks like a creek) goes through our property down to the river.


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