Saturday, August 28, 2010

Latest hen of the week

As you may or may not remember, I make "Hen of the Week" cards to stick on the cartons of eggs that we sell. I have not made any new ones for a while, so I am trying to get my act together, since I've got three neglected hens complaining that they haven't had their day in the sun yet. This week's Hen of the Week is Nadia:

That just leaves Claudia and Ellie to do cards for. The new chickens won't get cards until they start laying. Collect 'em all!

And if you like Art Trading Cards, check out the marvellous ATC Quarterly. Well worth every penny of the subscription price. The Fall 2010 issue has a story about me and my ATC "fine feathered friends."


  1. I love the Hen of the Week idea! Wonderful! Somehow I missed it before!

  2. You are as crazy as ever... Hen of the Week - just awesome!

  3. What a great idea! Gonna suggest it to my brother and SIL. :-)

    I made some ATCs a couple years ago--they were fun. My faves were my Disappearing Constitutional Rights series.

  4. You do have a Claudia! I would bet she gives the best eggs of the lot...

  5. Dephal, that sounds like a great ATC idea!

    Claude, of course she gives the best eggs! :)


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