Friday, February 19, 2010

It's spring somewhere in Canada...

To show me the folly of my ways for leaving the west coast, my friend Michelle sent me this photo, taken yesterday in her garden in British Columbia:

Beautiful, is it not? I remember the year we moved to BC, I saw cherry blossoms in January and could not believe my eyes. I think you can see why they're having the "summer" Olympics out in Vancouver right now.

Meanwhile, here's my backyard:

Oh where, oh where have my little flowers gone, oh where, oh where can they be?

Nope, I don't see no steenkin' flowers, just snowmobile tracks from the freaking yahoo who was shooting coyotes from his snowmobile, with his five hounds in pursuit, in OUR woodlot on OUR land when I was walking the dogs in there last week. It's idiots like that who give all hunters a bad name, and it's unfortunate, because there are some very respectful hunters out there who ask us permission to use our property. We don't want people hunting on our land, but we do let some hunters walk over land to get to adjacent hunting sites. Last year we received a venison meat pie from a pair of duck hunters who would never be in my woods shooting off a rifle without permission!! They are far too responsible for that, and THOSE are the kind of hunters I have respect for. If I ever see the yahoo again, I am calling the cops immediately. Two hours after I told him to leave, he was still on our farm. I have nothing against responsible hunting (so long as I continue to eat meat!), I just don't like trophy hunting and we don't want hunting on our land because we walk it almost every day. Also, I detest Skidoos.

"No hunting" signs and barricades have since been erected, and luckily neither I nor my dogs were shot. Oh dear, I've lost the peaceful feeling I had from looking at Michelle's pretty flower! Time for chocolate therapy.


  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Chocolate works for me every time! I sympathize about the idiot hunter. Here's my take on hunting--Texas style. :)

  2. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Is this the time to tell you that I mowed the lawn today? Although, I have to say that the snow is very pretty and would be peaceful if you didn't have hunters traveling all over it!!

  3. If the chocolate doesn't work, you can always try bacon.

  4. I'd love to shoot me a Yahoo. Where the hell do I sign up?

  5. We have no snow. But it's still not spring in Toronto. And no sun is what puts me in a gloomy mood. Amazing how much we need the sun to cheer us up. Pass the chocolate, Knatolee...

  6. Lucky you the intruder was not a certain Dick Cheney. :)
    On an even more serious note: How long would it take the cops to reach your farm?

  7. TTPT, I see you feel my pain. :P

    Michelle, I used to think you were a nice person. HAHAHAHA! Did you seriously mow the lawn today?!!!

    HWB, bacon sounds like a cure. Cured by cured bacon.

    ChefNick, arm yourself and head out to my woodlot. Bring along some of the action figures!

    Claudia, I never liked February in Toronto... bleak! Hopefully spring will be here soon. Have some virtual chocolate.

    Sean, if it had been Cheney, I'd be dead! :) The cop station is about a 15-minute drive from here but they could do it in half that time if they were speeding.

  8. You don't want my action figures. The last job I sent them on, let's just say they got a "little too enthusiastic." I mesn, smother the chap already, no need to apply electrodes to his . . .

  9. Chef Nick, were I a man, I would have broken out in a cold sweat just now.


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