Monday, November 02, 2009

"Pssst! Pssst, hey you!"


"Hand over the corn niblets and no one gets hurt!"

"I brought my enforcer with me. Don't make me use the enforcer!"

"It'll go easier for everyone if you just hand over the goods. Now. Look at my beady eye! I mean business!"

"That's it lady. Nice and slow,niiiiice and slow."

"Until next time. Ciao, bella!"


  1. What a thug of a chicken! Not chicken at all!

  2. Don't mess with the Chicke Mafia unless you want a hamster head in your bed or some other eggcessive act...

  3. Thugsy Seagull is a distant relative, I believe. That beady, malevolent eye . . . is there such a thing as chicken sunglasses?

    My . . .

    . . . how they've grown.

  4. Thugsy Seagull, I like that! If there are chicken diapers, there must be chicken sunglasses.

    Claudia, good question!

    Jams, I am hoping to avoid eggcessive violence like hamster heads in my bed (we're already getting mouse corpses carefully laid out at the foot of our bedroom steps, courtesy of the cats.)

  5. Fun photos of the chicken.

  6. Thanks, Eileen! :)


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