Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Two years ago this month, we were on vacation in beautiful Sri Lanka, which sadly has fallen into civil war since we left. But on a brighter note, we had a wonderful time a the Millennium Elephant Foundation, where we each had a short ride on an elephant, and gave another one a bath.

Since we are currently having our bazillioneth snowfall of the season (the local farmers say they haven't seen a winter like this since the 1970s), I am cheering myself up with these photos. As you can see, the mahout was always there to keep us safe, not that the elephants were anything but mellow and beautiful that day.

Bathing beauty

Mmm, that feels good!

Getting ready to scrub.

Gordon gets caught in the rinse cycle.

As do I!

And now I need to go get into my winter coat, boots, hat, scarf and mittens and slog through the SNOW with my dogs. :)

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  1. Pnat!! You must read Modoc; the world's best elephant. You must. You will fall in love all over again.


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