Monday, January 15, 2007

The driveway

It looks short, but it ain't...

The snow seems to have stopped for now. I love it! Winter is here at last. I spent about 75 minutes shovelling to the end of our driveway today (hey Wendy, it was a good workout!) This photo gives you no sense of how frigging long our driveway is, nor how wide it is up by the house. Tomorrow I will have to shovel what passes for our road, which from our driveway up to the main road is a steep hill about 100 feet long. The city doesn't plow it, alas.

I am hoping the Tractor Fairy comes to plow it out, as happened the last time we had a largish amount of snow. This is some guy I don't know from Adam who miraculously cleared the snow from our roadway using a tractor with a plow blade. My goal in life is to own a vehicle with a plow blade, to go with the farm we intend to buy.

If the Tractor Fairy doesn't show up soon, I am screwed. I have to go out tomorrow night so I'll have another date with the shovel tomorrow afternoon.

The Husband (who, as I mentioned, was supposed to have lined up a snowplowing service by now) is conveniently hiding in Cape Breton until Thursday, well away from our collection of snow shovels. He is lucky it is his birthday Friday, or he would be a DEAD MAN when he got home.


  1. Still sneering at the idea of a snowmobile, are ya? And where are your snowshoes!?! For someone who has been begging for snow, you're sure doing a lot of whining about your road being snowed in keeping you from getting to your afternoon appointment tomorrow!

    The Sympathy Fairy has left the building!

    Neener neener neener you can't throw a snowball this far!

  2. Hey, Sympathy Fairy, it's my PATRIOTIC DUTY as a Canadian to whine about the weather. It is part of the national psyche! So I am just doing my patriotic duty!

    And you know, if my snowball MADE it to your underheated California abode, it wouldn't melt so long as it stayed INSIDE your house. Bwaaaaaahahaha!!

  3. I'm glad the tractor fairy came to plow you out after all. Beautiful pictures. I'm very envious. I miss the snow, but I could almost smell it by looking at your photos.


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