Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas knitting

The latest in Christmas knitting, now mailed off. The bottom blue "fluffy" one is for my friend's daughter. It is Patons Pooch, in "Big Sky" or something like that. Her favourite colour is blue. This was simple to knit on two huge needles.

The other one is another Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden creation. It is silk and kid and something else I have forgotten and am too lazy to look up!

Alas, unlike some people, I do not have a lizard willing to model my scarves. If I draped one of these over my leopard gecko, she would surely smother!


  1. Pretty scarves! I love the colorway of the one on top. And of course your gecko doesn't really need a scarf--she's naturally accesorized just perfectly.

  2. Well of course you'd smother your pretty lepgek if you draped a scarf knit on #15s on her! Gotta think small...fingering in #2s or #3s,perhaps.

    They are very nice scarves, even if there are no local lizards wearing them.

  3. Anonymous7:33 pm

    ooooh, I love that silk blend. It's gorgeous. The color is so intense.

    I think Kartini deserves her very own scarf. So get on with it, wanker!

    It's Phyllis, I've forgotten my stupid blogger account again...


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