Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hallowe'en shenanigans!

We had quite the groovy Hallowe'en last night. We had a visit from an alien, who was a VERY good knitter!

Zoë the cat helped with the goody bags, and Tara the dog was ready at the door to welcome any and all visitors.


  1. And the police tape? There was a murder?

  2. What do aliens knit? Spaceship cozies?

    I love this series of pictures. Your house is so cute and Pacific Northwest-looking. And Tara definitely looks like she enjoys trick-or-treaters.

  3. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Beautiful photos. Your house looks so peaceful. Hard to believe an Alien and her prey live there.

  4. Do Mulder and Scully know about that alien living at your house?

  5. Testing, testing, testing


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