Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bearded Bunny Man

Bank robber? Alien bunny creature? Lawyer high on drugs? The love of my life?

You decide.


  1. I just read your blog it was excellent and more importantly really funny. I looked at your blog after you left a message on mine. I was a bit shocked to see the first image of 'Bunny Man', I thought oh great first independant comment and its a Pyscho from BC! But, it turned out to be a fairly normal person.
    My advise for the trampoline, send the husband over like that at dusk. Scare the crap out of them. Those kids have seen to many horror movies, they will never leave the Xbox again.

  2. Okay, that made me laugh out loud, and I nearly choked on my morning tea, but your advice is EXCELLENT!

    I will get out a fresh pair of pantyhose right away. Thanks so much, CITK!


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