Monday, September 26, 2011

The new kids on the block

Well! With all this obsessing over the ducklings going on, the chickens have been feeling very neglected on the blog. And in fact, I haven't even introduced the four newest kids, who arrived a couple of weeks ago! 

Here are...


The English Muffs! Note the marvellous multi-coloured legs. Now, before your mind goes down some gutter, the Wikipedia definition of "muff" is as follows:

"A muff or beard is a mutation found in several chicken breeds which causes extra feathering under the chicken's face, giving the appearance of a beard."

These four cuties were given to me by a local breeder who has an extensive rooster/hen breeding programme. He is dedicated to preserving various rooster bloodlines (he doesn't use them for cockfighting, which last time I checked is illegal here.) His birds are the healthiest, most beautiful chicken specimens I have ever seen!

Jacques, a friend of my friend (who obviously vouched for me as a chicken-keeper) saw how much I admired his birds, and gave me these four hens for free! He told me if I ever want a rooster to match them, he'll give me one of those too. He called them English Muffs, but I think he may have meant they are Old English game hens (with muffs!), since I can't find an "English Muff" breed online. 

These girls have beautiful upright tails that aren't shown off in these photos, but you can see Old English game hens here.

You know, it's crazy enough that I am getting extra hits on my blog because of an English dominatrix (who knocked me well out of my second-place Google ranking, damn her!) Now I'll be getting pervs looking for English booty... geez. My #1 search keyword is "Natalie Rowe." How long until it becomes "English muff"? Oh, prickly cucumber, how I miss you!

Well, she went through an explosive moult and has grown back most of her feathers. She's looking quite nice, floppy comb aside, and has been acting like her normal self. She is often found roosting with the new kids...

But she's definitely above them in the pecking order, and lets them know it!

it's good to see her getting back to normal with her pretty new feathers.
And that's it from the coop. More ducklings soon!


  1. I can wait to hear about the adventures of the new chickens!

  2. Awww! Congratulations. Glad to see that the chickens are getting some air time! How nice that the local breeder gave you them. Your menagerie just keeps on growing!

  3. Welcome aboard girls. I imagine we will be hearing of their adventures!

  4. Oh while I am at it:

    Greetings to new hens
    A life of fun awaits you
    Beaker is lusting

  5. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Beautiful new kids!

    On a side note, I haven't checked lately to see what people are searching for when they stumble onto my blog. You inspired me to investigate.

    Turns out the number one search is ... wait for it ... animal porn. Also, I'm slightly alarmed to report there are a helluva lot of people out their who wear their mothers' panties ... or would like to. ::shudder::

  6. I'm rather fascinated by the leg colours on your birds - you appear to have a blue, a green and normal and not sure about the other. Now if you can just breed them up with auracaunas (sp?) you could match leg colours with egg colours - way too much fun!

  7. I'm glad Charlotte's back to her old self and has got new friends!

  8. Ahab, the first day I had them, two of them went straight THROUGH the electric netting fence, with nary a peep. Miraculously we managed to catch them and get them back in the coop, but they are really fast and smart!

    Paula, I've been neglecting the poor chickens on the blog! The ducks are hogging all the attention.

    Jams, that is another AWESOME haiku!

  9. CogDis, that is... worrying. HAHAHA! Hmm, I'm thinking my "prickly cucumber" isn't so bad after all.

    Musical Gardener, I'm hoping they will lay coloured eggs! We'll see.

    LBM, I really like Charlotte and I'm so glad she's doing better.


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