Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photographic evidence

Me and POUTINE! Visit the Poutine Chronicles.

Yesterday I went to the International Plowing Match with my friend Ronna (more on that to follow, but check out her blog post here. It is littered with photos of me and various other livestock.) I am posting this photo this morning because the wonderful Cognitive Dissenter asked me the other day :

"Is that a real dish that people actually eat?"

Yes, people that don't care about their cardiac health. HAHAHAHA! It was pretty good but they were not sufficiently generous with the cheese curds.


  1. that and the previous photo of you are lovely

  2. Cute photo! Thank God you gave the link to Ronna's Poutine Chronicles so those that saw the video here will no exactly how this Canadian fare should be made :)

  3. Lemme get this straight. French fries, brown gravy, and milk curds...right? Well, I guess pizza would look scary to the Chinese. California seems to specialize in cheese fries with Ranch dressing. You're one brave and intrepid culinary consumer, dearie!

  4. Hey Knat... I was thinking of you yesterday. I was in a particular local store (looking for good cheese curds, which I couldn't find!) when I saw cheese. Not just any cheese. Cheddar. And not just any cheddar. Horseradish cheddar. So good.

    I wonder how it would be on fries and poutine sauce (not gravy)?

  5. Thank you John! oxoxo

    Paula, it was real poutine yesterday but definitely needed MORE CHEESE CURDS!

    Jams, it is. And you can make it with mushroom or veggie gravy.

    Nance, you got it and trust me, it is YUM. Very bad for you, but very yummy. The curds melt in the gravy, oh my...

    HWB, horseradish cheddar sounds really good and I bet it would be good on poutine, especially with beef gravy!

  6. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Oh my! I believe you that it is delicious although it is a combination I never would have thought of. Is it good with beer?

    Of course, I can't fault Canada's taste. I live in the food bastardization capital of the world ... where chickens are pumped so full of growth hormones their breasts are huge and develop before their legs can support them. Huge breasted chickens that can't walk, let alone support their own weight. Oh, and we have that nasty fake "cheese" otherwise known as Velveeta. Blech. I'll take the poutine!

  7. Whoooo-weee that looks good, I am going to need a midnight snack now. That poutine looks too good, maming me hungry.

  8. Wow... am still not sure I've understood all the ingredients! where WAS this exotic food when i visited Canada?? And why did I keep eating lasagna and cauliflower-cheese!!??

  9. CogDis, it is EXCELLENT with beer!!!!And unfortunately, we have those monstrous chickens in Canada, too. WE often like to follow in your footsteps!

    Rob, I can never look at poutine or smell it without getting hungry!!!

    Angel, until recent years you only really found poutine in Quebec and eastern Ontario. Cauliflower cheese, ugh!!!


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