Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dregs of the road trip

 Here are a few more pictures from our road trip to Maryland last month. I had a senior moment as I tried to remember whether or not I'd already posted them. Apparently not!

On the way down, we took a side trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where the streetlights have covers that look like Hershey's Kisses...

I want to live on a street called Chocolate Avenue!

We visited The Hershey Story museum on Chocolate Avenue. I thought it was lovely, and very interesting.

My eye was drawn to a Reese's display, since I am a fan of the chocolate/peanut butter combination.  Hershey bought Reese's in 1963.

I love all the chocolatey tones.

And I insisted on visiting Café Zooka.

I had a very tasty grilled veg panini, and the richest hot chocolate concoction I've ever tasted. It was like a melted chocolate bar with whipped cream and cinnamon! Delicious, but I couldn't finish it. Gordon helped me out a bit.
I love the chocolatey-looking granite table tops.

Gordon spurned chocolate and had a very good vanilla milkshake instead.
The museum was a nice break from the interstate and we enjoyed our visit there. I learned a lot about Milton Hershey. I hadn't known he was such a philanthropist. And he modelled the town of Hershey after the town of Bourneville, England, which is home to the Cadbury chocolate company.

On the way home from Maryland, we visited the Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, PA. My expectations weren't high, but the caves were quite beautiful!

The caverns were home to the Pennsylvania Hermit, William (Amos) Wilson, for the last 19 years of his life. I cannot imagine living in a cave for that long, although he did get out to work in the daytime. He was found dead in the cave in 1821, apparently of natural causes.

Our last stop was an overnight in Cortland, New York. This is the area around the rest stop about a half hour south of Cortland.

Gordon presents some New York state tourism literature.

Have a good weekend! We are off to a wedding today, at a sugar shack in Rigaud, Quebec.  The weather is spectacular today, which is good because I think the wedding is outdoors. 
Congratulations Marie-Emmanuelle and Patrick!


  1. At least once a summer we would make a trip to Smith Falls to visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory there. We miss it.

  2. The Hershey factory in Smiths Falls is only minutes from the animal shelter so I would pass it often. I did pop in a few times and glad I did now that it is gone.
    A sugar shack wedding...that sounds wonderful. Hope it was all you expected.

  3. Lots of great places to visit. The Hershey's museum looks interesting... I only wish Hershey bars didn't taste like utter crap though!

  4. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Beautiful and interesting photos! Also, what Jams said. I love REAL food, REAL chocolate included. Unfortunately the massive food industry in the US favors quantity over quality. Thankfully there are exceptions, more expensive but worth it.

    By the way, those ducklings are getting big! They are also adorable.

  5. Light fittings that look like chocolate drops, yummeeeeee.
    I'm a big fan of the peanut butter and chocolate combo too. But Hersheys aren't so easy to get out here. My sons has found a shop that sells peanut butter M & M's but he won't reveal his source........might be just as well, hehe!!

    Love the granite table tops, reminds me of hedgehog slice with biscuit bits in it..........

    The caves look very interesting, but don't think I would like living in them either, bit chilly in Winter.

    Sounds like you had a nice trip and all the best for the wedding..............

    Thanks for visiting over at mine,

    Claire :}

  6. Nice photos -- I've been to Hershey twice and have had my "fill" of that. But those caverns look cool; gotta make a trip there. I also gotta get to Gettysburg, where I've never been and I feel almost unpatriotic by not having visited there ... Next summer, I promise.

  7. S'cuse me...I got most of the way through the Hershey's shots and had to take a pantry break for the only chocolate in the house. Godiva, as it happens, but any old port in a storm. Now, I must apologize for the sticky on the keys, here....

  8. Paula, I never got to the one in Smiths Fall before it closed. Bummer!

    Deb, the setting was great for the wedding.

    Jams, you can just close your eyes and think of ENgland while you're biting into a big Hershey bar. HAHAHA! English choccies are BEST.

    CogDis, I totally agree with you. Now, I do have a weakness for Hershey's kisses. :) And the museum was great.

  9. Claire, I wish I could send you a big crate of the chocolate/PB stuff. :) And I can't imagine living in a cave. It was so damp! I'm surprised the hermit's lungs didn't give out after six months!

  10. Sightings, I would like to visit Gettysburg sometime. We have a friend who is obsessed with the civil war and goes there (from Toronto!) all the time. I wouldn't mind going once. And I thought the caverns were worth the visit, and not too far from the interstate.

  11. Nance, I was hungry for chocolate the minute we hit Hershey!!

  12. I've never heard of Hershey's but I do like the look of the chocolate coloured granite. Oh, to have a slab of chocolate the size of a table top!

  13. LBM, we'd be in a chocolate coma with a bar that big! :)

  14. Hershey PA! It's been so long since I've been there. It's been a long week and I could use a serious dose of chocolate right about now.

  15. Oh, I LOVE Hershey PA! As a kid we used to go there once a year. My MUCH older brother lived there for a while when he was a kid. Way before I ever came around.

    I've always loved and also been afraid of caves. When I was a kid (lots of reminiscing going on here!) my family would go to canyons and caves every year. My goal in life was to discover my very own canyon. By now, I've given up on that goal, but sometimes i still think it'd be cool to stumble upon something like that on my property. But we're not rocky enough here in MD, our ground couldn't support a canyon or cave. I'd be more likely to find a mudslick or quicksand! A couple years ago we took a road trip across the US and I actually found a cave in Montana. I was just wondering off the side of the road during a driving break, it was probably private property, but I FOUND MY VERY OWN CAVE. Finally Randy drug me kicking and screaming back to the car so we could continue our trip. I had decided to become a hermit and live in my own cave! I have pictures somewhere. I had to scale a rock cliff to enter the cave, it was very cool...

  16. David, me too!

    Lynn, that is a great story! I was fascinated by caves as a kid and dreamed of finding one of my own.


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