Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthdays past

Today would have been my Dad's 81st birthday, had he not died in 1992. Well, I guess it's still his birthday! I was thinking of him today and found this old slide photo of us in the early 60s. I think we were next to Lake Ontario. I always look happy in photos with my Dad. :)


  1. Thank God for old photographs. They do help jog the memories. Hugs to you on this anniversary Natalie.

  2. Well, you look sweet and he does too. It's nice to have moments in time at hand . . . I have about a thousand photos of me and my siblings, and Dad and Mother, but who's ever going to preserve them? It would be nice to have a Knattie to whom I could entrust that duty.

    I'm very sure he's very, very proud of you. He's still around -- you just can't see him.

  3. You haven't changed one bit. Same happy face! He was a great Dad. And he and your Mom raised you well. He was far too young to die. But you're keeping him alive with your memories.

    I believe that parents never let their children go. They sustain us and inspire us in all we're doing.

    Just give him a big hug. He'll return it.

  4. What a lovely thing to be able to say about your Dad - I always look happy in photos with him. That speaks volumes. :)

  5. Anonymous5:25 pm

    You are adorable. And he looks happy too.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments! :)))


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