Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drunken Poutine

For those wishing to learn how to make Canada's national dish while drunk:

But real Torontonians don't say "Tor-on-to", they say Trawna. I know, I was born and bred there, God help me.


  1. Anonymous10:05 am

    That made me laugh! Is that a real dish that people actually eat? (lmao!)

  2. Oh yes, not only do people eat it, *I* eat it. But not very often!! I have to admit, it is extremely tasty. It originated in Quebec, but has really spread across Canada in the last decade. Have you checked out my friend Ronna's Poutine Chronicles blog?

    Yes, it's an unhealthy dish but it's SO GOOD. You MUST, however, use fresh, squeaky cheese curds. Nothing else will do!

  3. Haha Excellent! Perhaps the world would be a better place if all cooking took place under the influence of alcohol!

  4. OMG! Not only does she drink too much, she wipes her nose with her hand, doesn't appear to wash it afterward and runs her hand through her hair all the while handling food..if you call frozen fries and packaged gravy, food. This is not Canadian Poutine by any stretch of any imagination...drunk or sober. I think I'd have to be seriously under the influence to watch this kitchen again :)

  5. Vanilla, I think she's an AMERICAN making poutine, so she doesn't have the technique down pat. HAHAHAHA! Or hygiene, apparently!


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