Saturday, September 03, 2011

The adult crowd

The adult ducks are complaining that they haven't been getting enough air time since the cute ducklings showed up. So here are some photos, to make them happy.

The lovely Ronna, who will now eat leafy treats from my hand.

MacGregor, Boss Drake.

Charlie Sheen giving me the eye.

The ducks love the hose!

"Let's all drink from the running water!"

They love to beak around in the mud at the base of the Japanese Quince I stupidly planted in the duck run.

Gordon has an audience as he cleans out a water bucket.

Like a duck to water. Yup!


  1. What a great life! It warms my heart to see you, one by one, or all together, day after day. Thank you so much for sharing. I love you with all my heart.

  2. Ah they certainly have a good life. I darsay Charlie Sheen is planning more fatherhood?

  3. comparing the penultimate and the last photo there's no room for another diagnose: Lovely Ronna is hydrophobic.

  4. Aw...daddy duck.
    Cute pics. Anyone want a siamese??

  5. Great to catch up and read about the ducklings and travels - I'm thinking Rachel could be the next Dufflet - the Toronto pastry maven! (I believe she's a red-head too) What a lovely family they are. So glad that you managed to successfully maneuver around Irene.

  6. Anonymous8:08 am

    It's such a busy place I think we need the numbers for an inventory, and an idea of how big an Ark will be needed when the floods come.
    Humans -
    Dogs -
    Cats -
    Lizards -
    Chickens -
    Ducks (including ducklings) -
    Bees -
    What else? -
    Food input and poo output per day -
    Effect on planet's rate of rotation if you all choose to run in the same direction at the same time -

  7. Ahh, merci Claude! Je t'aime!

    Jams, Charlie can plan all he wants but those eggs are going to be eaten, not sat upon!! How many ducks does one woman need? :)

    Sean, I fear you may be correct!

    Deb, I sent the Siamese info to a friend in Perth but so far, no luck. I think I should just turn our house over to the animals, then I could rescue 50 cats! ;)

  8. Humans - 2
    Dogs - 2
    Cats - 3
    Lizards - 1
    Chickens - 19
    Ducks (including ducklings) - 16
    Bees - 100,000
    What else? - About 10 mice in the basement

    Food input and poo output per day -
    Hmmm... 25 lbs in, 2000 lbs out?

    Effect on planet's rate of rotation if you all choose to run in the same direction at the same time - DEVASTATION!

  9. Anonymous9:31 am

    Something tells me Charlie Sheen still suffers from unrequited love.

  10. Oh yes indeed, COg DIs!


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