Saturday, September 24, 2011

His Furry Lordship

Julius does not want me to work; this is very clear.

He gets very annoyed when I try to remove his paw from my (filthy) keyboard!

Maybe he was offended by the dog in the calendar I am working on. (It's a calendar for the Ottawa chapter of Osteoporosis Canada. My friend Ronna did the great bone cartoon illustrations!)

I dare not disturb His Furry Lordship while he is at rest!

PS: If you've come here looking for the prostitute/dominatrix Natalie Rowe, you've got the wrong blog. But hey, welcome!


  1. Natalie just may get you a few more followers. ;-)
    Linus is my kind of cat.
    You two ladies sure are talented. Nice to have a good friend with similar interests.

  2. Julius is so handsome when he sleeps.

  3. So, I tried to check out the OTHER Natalie's site but since I'm at work I was "Blocked by my Organization"--stupid censorship at work blah blah blah...
    ANYWAY, Julius is a doll and I think he needs a tummy tickle!

  4. Nice, furry boy. And boy, the calendar looks fab! You made my drawings look great! Thanks!!

  5. If I had a coat like Julius, I would lie down where I darn well please (even on a Prime Minister's keyboard, if he would have one.) And let anybody (inluding Dudley-Do-Rite Mounted Police) try to disloge me.

    "Dream well, handsome Julius. And snore if you wish. Nobody will disturb you in the Nat Rowe's household. BTW, she's in trouble, did you know?"

  6. You are such a handsome fellow Julius. You deserve your own Facebook page!

    Aren't you glad I sent you that newspaper item about your namesake now!

  7. Deb, many thanks for the compliment! It was fun doing a calendar project with Ronna. The drawings are great, so adorable and humourous. It take skill to give a bone personality!

    Ahab, he deigns to thank you.

    Katnip, basically, in a parallel universe, I'm a prostitute and dominatrix who has coke-snorting British politicans as clients. ;)

    Ronna, when it's all typeset I will send you a PDF of the whole shebang. Soon!

    Claude, I believe you had insight into Julius' psyche!

    Jams, I am thrilled. And now my name is the number one search keyword on my blog, outranking "prickly cucumber" by a considerable amount!

  8. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Ah... So you are NOT the prostitute/dominatrix then... So... after months of increasingly confused (and slightly disappointed) visiting of your blog everything is finally starting to make sense... I did think you were a bit more tame and domesticated that your reputation would suggest. Now I am wondering if you'll be disappointed to discover that I am not actually this Andrew Scott:

  9. Oh Andrew, is it hot in here or is it just me? WWWhew!!! Those BOXERS!

    I am thinking perhaps I should capitalize on the fame of my spanking British counterpart!


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