Friday, September 23, 2011

Rodeo anyone?

An addendum to my previous post. Yesterday Gordon went to the IPM and he shot this exciting rodeo video from his iPhone!

No amount of money would convince me to get on a bull...


  1. I agree....But better be a brave man, get on a bull and be thrown out, than try to gore it, as they do in Spain, while everybody yell, "Bravo!"!

  2. Me neither, nor would I be the guy who has to pull open the gate nor the clown who has to distract the beast.

  3. What people will do for "kicks"!

    Btw, love your photos. The Yellow Ribbon goes to "Array of porta-potties." The Red Ribbon goes to "Manly farm machines." And the Blue Ribbon goes to ... drum roll please ... "Dork showing off a massive wood splitting thing"!!

  4. Anonymous10:09 am

    I might be persuaded to do it once, as long as the right amounts of money and alcohol were involved.

  5. Claude, I agree with that! Bull-fighting, YUCK.

    Vanilla Bea, "rodeo clown" was definitely never one of my career aspirations!

    Sightings, oooh, thank you for all the ribbons!

    CogDis, if you do it, I'll come watch!

  6. PS: SIghtings, good pun!!


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