Monday, September 12, 2011

Cute vs. cute

Julius here. Listen, there's been a lot of "ooooh-ing" and "aaaaah-ing" lately over a bunch of stupid baby birds (known to me as "snacks") and it's got to stop. You want cute? I'll show you cute! Look at ME!!!

Every side is my cute side! What do you need a stupid duckling for? I'm fluffy, I'm adorable... the only thing they have that I don't is a beak, and who needs that?

Hey! Get that outta here!

Cut it out! That's not cute! That's not cute at all!! That thing is CAT FOOD!! Stop looking at her!

That's better. Gaze upon ME, your Cuteness Lord and Master. Now excuse me, I have to go. I do believe it's duck-hunting season!


  1. Oh, you BAD, adorably floofy cat.

  2. You have way to much fun blogging.

    Your babies are growing up quickly.

  3. Oh Julius. You are far cuter than any silly duckling. ducklings don't have whiskers!
    Happy Hunting (though watch out for that mama duck...)

  4. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I have to admit Julius is irresistibly cute. Resistance is futile.

  5. Julius, forget cute, you are one HUNKA HUBBA HUBBA MANCAT!!

    va va VOOM!

    Swooningly, The Lounge Ladies

  6. Nature, burnished, fluffy and sunlit in tooth and claw.

  7. To Deb, from Julius: Oh yes, yes I am! I am BAD to the bone, and floofier than floof!

  8. Musical Gardener, they are getting huge! It seems every day, they've gotten noticeable bigger. If you need a pair of Muscovy ducks, let me know! ;))

  9. To Wandering Cat, from Julius: I am SCARED of that mama duck. I will push Knatolee in front of her to distract her while I snag a duckling.

    CogDis, it's utterly futile.

    TO The Lounge Ladies from Julius: Why thank you, ladies. You are all luscious and were you not so far away, I'd express my appreciation in person. Catson. Whatever! I'd express it, baby.

  10. Nance, that is pure poetry!

  11. I could never resist a pussy cat...

  12. Why, Jules, you are adorable in your own way! And you deserve a great big hug from Aunt Lynn!!!!! {HUG!!!!!}


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