Friday, September 30, 2011

Duckling freedom day!

Yep, today for the first time, the entire duckling family went out into the big duckyard and all the adults mingled with the babies, not to mention the humans...

That's little Squishy I'm stroking!

The ducklings had a great time exploring the run and nibbling on grass.

Sweet little Squishy, who will eventually get a prettier name.

Relaxation and grooming!

Gordon was keeping an eye on things. Charlie Sheen eyed one of ducklings rather lustfully, but was quite the gentleman and restrained himself.

Time to go back into the penitentiary!

Sophie was keeping a watchful eye on the other side of the electric netting fence, as always.

Another outing tomorrow! One more step towards total duck integration. :) 


  1. Ah it's great to see the youngsters out and about Knat

  2. Jams, they are just so cute and endearing. Watching them is like taking a natural anti-depressant! :)

  3. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Sophie looks like she has the same plans for the ducklings as I would have (think, orange sauce...), and I hate to say it but so does Gordon, judging from the look in his eye.

  4. And you thought Gordon stepped on Squishy by "accident!"


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