Monday, September 05, 2011


He's not dead!

He's just resting.

Julius has a very tough life around here.


  1. I adore his face. He reminds me of the lion in the Wizard of Oz. Is he as dopey?

  2. Ah now there is one sleepy boy... And a disgustingly handsome one too!

  3. ha ha ha! You don't plan to pound him on the counter like the Parrot, do you?

    That is one of my all time fave skits...

  4. Going back to bed right now! Julius is a wise cat. We've not young anymore. We've done our share in this world. Time for snoozes now, as often as possible. Bye! See you tomorrow...

  5. Eh... Looks like he may have eaten the mouse. How are you going to point and click now?

  6. Julius is definitely sweet.

  7. Deb, he can act all dopey and slow at times, but when he decides to move, rodents had better look out. WHOMP! Definitely not a coward.

    Jams, he deigns to thank you for your compliment.

    Katnip, not yet. HAHAHA!

    Claude, Julius is our senior kitty at age 11. I wish I could nap as much as he does!

    Andrew, he goes through a lot of mice.

    Pilgrim, he's a dear old boy.


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