Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday at Duckling World

I promise that tomorrow will not be about ducklings. Today is another story..

They go crazy when I toss in grass and dandelion leaves for them!

Some of the ducklings are twice as big as other ducklings. I am presuming this is a boy vs. girl size difference, but I'm not really sure.

I am looking forward to seeing their markings once they get feathered out.

Extreme cuteness!

The babies used to nap under Mama, but now they don't fit. These days,  they sleep in a heap next to her.

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Such a big yawn from such a tiny beak!

Have a happy Sunday.


  1. I just want to snuggle them!

  2. I want to snuggle them too!

    If the chicks didn't hatch from their eggs all at the same time, perhaps the size differences is due to age? Maybe the larger ones are the ones that hatched earlier?

  3. So darn cute! I already asked my husband if we could get some...he said "You finally have lost your mind" and I quote! ...LOL! At least I can watch yours grow and enjoy all the sweetness. Have a nice day. Hugs Jennifer

  4. Well, now we're family and I'm going to want regular updates. And names. Can we name them? Please, pretty please!

  5. Ahhh they are so delightful. I do love the second photo!

  6. Nobody in the world will ever want to eat one of those little ducks, even when they're older,fattened and look real juicy and tender...We'll remember too much how cute they were growing up, and how much Mama loved them!

  7. You take such fine photos of them. They are so adorable. ALMOST as adorable as what's in my spare-room closet :-)

  8. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Ahh. My Sunday dose of cuteness. I swear the peekaboo duck is smiling.

  9. Where would we be without our fix of duck cuteness? Keep 'em coming.

  10. Lynn, me too. It's hard to tear myself away.

    Ahab, the eggs were laid on different days, but really all hatched within the same 24 hours, so I wonder if that explains it? I have much to learn about ducks!!

    Jennifer, they are cute and easy to look after and they catch lots of bugs. Glad you are enjoying the pics.

    Nance, I think we need to have a contest to name some of the ducks. Gordon agrees.

    Jams, thank you!

    Claude, NOBODY is eating my ducks!! :)

    Deb, what's going on in your bedroom closet is pretty darn adorable!

    CogDis, my friend Eugene says ducks are always smiling. I think he's right.

    Evlyn, I'm on it.

  11. The size difference is due to Boy/Girl most likely and also greed! They are ferocious feeders.
    When a duck lays a (fertilised) egg it remains dormant until the Mama duck begins her 35 day stretch to incubate. That is why they are all born around the same time. Well done with all your gorgeous babies. They are too cute!

  12. Mona, thank you for explaining that! I am still trying to find a good book on Muscovy ducks, because I am woefully ignorant. It's a good thing they are so hardy or we would never have made it this far!


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