Sunday, September 25, 2011


When our friends Marie-Emmanuelle and Patrick were here yesterday, asking us to be godparents to their baby, we went down and visited the ducklings. I know Marie-Emmanuelle is great with animals; she fostered our two dogs before they came to live here in 2007. But take a good look at this photo: 

Notice anything unusual? Yes, that's right, Mama Duck is EATING FROM Marie-Emmanuelle's hand. Not trying to kill her or "sit in her lap" or peck out her eyeballs. M-E is truly the Duck Whisperer.

And I swear the babies are doubling in size every day. That said, the one on the cement block isn't quite as large as he looks compared to Mama. Just a weird camera angle. But they are getting to be humungous. That bath is really too small for them now.

Note Sophie in the background. She is a little too obsessed. She is fine with ducks and chickens but something about peeping babies seems to fire up her salivary glands!

And here we are with Amy Winehouse duck!

Her beak, while not attractive, is healing very well (lower right) and she's growing like a weed.

I wonder what that one in the middle is saying to the others?

Time for a little post-swim grooming!


  1. WOW. They're huge!

  2. Good God they are growing like weeds! Your friend does have that duck touch!

  3. My guess as to what the middle duck is saying: QUACK!

  4. I think Mama Duck bonded with ME because she knew that ME was carrying a precious little cargo ;)

  5. The duck in the middle is saying, "Stand back, I said! Give Amy Winehouse some space! She's delicate, damaged, and we must be careful with her!"

    I like that duck.

    And you seem to have the nicest friends!

  6. Nope, not as cute any more. They are kind of like gangly kids right now. Oh well I'm sure their personalities will make up for their awkward adolescence.

  7. They are still cute to me.

  8. Anonymous9:30 pm

    "The Duck Whisperer." The woman with the gentle touch who rescues Amy Winehouse from a path of self-destruction. Sounds like an Oscar contender.

  9. Vanilla Bean, I believe you are right. :)

    Nancy, hahaha, I totally agree about what she's saying. ANd I do have some lovely friends (and lovely bloggy friends, too, like you!)

    Musical Gardener, "Ugly Ducklingdom" is upon them. But they are still completely charming.

    Deb they are, but they're getting downright gangly!

    CogDis, I bet you could write that screenplay.


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