Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get your insulin!

...cuz it's time for your daily overdose of sweetness!

The ducklings are so huge, we've graduated from the paint tray to bigger swimming pools. We change the water at least twice a day but they are filthy little devils!

I gave them some leafy greens and dandelion leaves before I started taking photos. The babies were going nuts over them, tossing them around and playing tug-of-war with their treats.

They are growing SO FAST!

She still hates me.

Time for a nap!

And this is one of the smaller ones!

Who's your Daddy? They'll never tell!

Yesterday one of Gordon's co-workers placed an order for a duck for Christmas. HAHAHAHAHA! Poor misguided woman. You all know that NOBODY will be eating my ducks. :)

If I were a farmer, we'd all starve to death...

PS: If you're looking for a unique 2012 calendar, check out the Fancy Chicks Calendar: 12 ladies displaying their birds in a unique way, available from The Poultry Club of Great Britain.
Yes, they ship to Canada (for a little extra postage!)


  1. Adorable! I like the picture with mama lookin at you...LOL! :o) have a nice day! hugs Jennifer

  2. You are my kind of farmer. Love those photos. She really does have a feather up her ***. Watch your fingers. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4 (and a few more)

  3. Cute family. Mama is not the smiling type, that's for sure! Maybe you could sell HER...Oops, sorry Knatolee!

  4. Anonymous5:27 pm

    I laughed out loud, both at the photo and the caption, "She still hates me." Watch your back!

  5. My lady says those ducks are very cute. She wants some but doesn't want to change that nasty duck butt water. Tee hee. I think that duck stare of death is almost as good as the goat stare of death. Wow.

  6. those ducklings have certainly melted your heart eh?
    are you going to keep em all?

  7. Ooooo! the pictures!! The closeup of mama is so funny. Love the one with the duckling in the water. So fun.

  8. Anonymous5:04 pm

    When you said Gordon's friend wanted a duck for Christmas I thought at first she meant for a pet, not to eat!

    I would never make it as a farmer either. We already run a geriatric home for domestic animals. I can only imagine what it would be like around here with aged cows and pigs using walkers and motorized scooters...

  9. Jennier, you too! Mama gives me all kinds of evil looks. :)

    Deb, I am a tofu farmer, that's what I am!

    Claude, Mama smiles at her babies. She hisses at me!

    CogDis, I'm hoping the hatred will subside as the kids grow up. Ronna Duck, by comparison, seems quite fond of me, especially when I'm offering her treats.

    Isobelle, that mama duck would give you a run for your money in the staring contest! And my dogs clean up after the ducks (YUCK!)

    John, I'd like to find homes for a few of them (preferably not on a dinner table!) but we'll see how it goes. We have space for everyone, but this is the end of my "breeding program!"

  10. Pilgrim, I go down every day for my duckling break. Some people take coffee breaks from work; for me, it's ducklings! :)

    TTPT, you are a kindred spirit. We are going to have chickens with walkers in a few years... The Shady Acres Retirement Farm and Chicken Spa!

  11. I love the "she still hates me" photo!


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