Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yep, the ducklings are still growing! Yesterday they had a Swiss chard feeding frenzy...

Note the feathers coming in on this guy's wings and tail!

 I like the cutie on the right with one dark wing and one light one, and corresponding tail feathers!

Somebody was gently sampling my thumb!

Nom nom nommy nom!

And you'll just have to accept the fact that every time I talk to the ducklings, I sound demented...

Swiss Chard "FREEDING FRENZY!" says she who can't speak clearly.


  1. now I know you are a duckling person!! but try goslings next year... you will be converted

  2. Wow..they are cute. I love the way they dive into their noms. I expect that your are keeping all these ducklings the way you are naming them and getting attached. ;-)

  3. Another fun video Knat!

  4. You've got more blog fodder out of those ducklings than any other idea I've seen this summer. They do look like a lot of fun, the big lugs.

    You could have 100 by this time next year, if your success rate holds. Did you not have two females? If so did the other one not set?

  5. Nice dementia case. Incurable, Knat!:)

  6. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Picture 3: Mama Duck looks like she is getting rather disconcerted at the size of what she has produced

  7. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Those ducklings are looking less like ducklings every time you post their pics!

  8. I'd like to know who coined the phrase, "ugly duckling" ! Really, whoever did hadn't a clue as to what he/she...probably a "he" :), was talking about. I have yet to see an ugly duckling amonst your cuties.

  9. How cute! They are getting so big.

  10. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Ah yes pilgrimscottage, but surely the point about the "ugly duckling" fable is that it was really a baby swan, and they can go through a stage where they look like ugly ducklings (as if such a thing were possible), not being as cute are real ducklings, but then they grow into beautiful sw.... Oh heck. Am I being an overly serious bore again? :)

  11. JOhn, you have intrigued me with goslings. I will work on that for next year. I'd love some geese! Can they live with the ducks or do they need separate accomodations?

    Deb, if someone wants a couple as pets or egg-layers, I'll let 'em go but otherwise, we're attached. We have 23 chickens so what's 16 ducks? :)

    Musical Gardener, I am TOTALLY smitten. And we will NOT have 100 ducks cuz nobody is sitting on any more eggs anytime soon! (Omelette, anyone?) The other duck, Ronna, did lay some eggs but I took 'em away. I'm so mean.

    Claude, there is no cure for me.

    Andrew, I think she's getting a little frazzled and wants her freedom!

    CogDis, they are about to enter the "ugly duckling" stage. but i love 'em anyway.

    David, they are frigging huge. HUGE!

    Andrew, you're never a bore! Keep on commenting.


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